Saturday, November 14, 2009

My first attempt

The blog world.
Yes i have stepped into this vast universe of literature.People tell me it is the best way to write your feelings,to express what all you want to.Well,i am kind of new so i guess discovering should be fun.
Anyhow,I am an 18 going on 19 guy.Swimming deep inside an ocean of problems,issues,happiness,fuck-upp's,change and all that's related.If there is one lesson My life till now can teach is that happiness is a way of perception and remorse is the negative element of that perception.Guys i am sure you will not understand many a things i write here.I usually don't myself.:P
But I am sure when i am old enough to live on pills and bold enough to survive heartaches.I shall understand that all shit i had said meant a great deal.
Have my fucking coaching right now.
If some one has the interest you can always check up on me here.

I shall always keyboard down(a very lame joke indeed)all my thoughts,the stuff I am going through and yeah my life is fun so i may end up making your day.Or you may end up loving me .
Biography is next.
All done.