Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am not the CEO,You arent a bitch.

Haha Stupid Caption.
Hi guys
howve you been
whats up?
This reminds me of the line i used to use in every letter writing exercise in class

"I hope this letter finds you in good health."
Haha Childhood was good.

I just saw Social Networking.
Its a nice movie.
Even though it shows Mark Zuckerberg as a backstabbing asshole.
thats what i got
sorry If I didnt read between the lines.

Though What Struck me was that the whole story was about how a man achieved success.

What is success anyway?

You keep hammering a stone it is eventually gonna break right?
Yes, hammering would take patience and a strong will.
But how does that make the person good??

What I dont get is..
Why do people wanna be exactly like a successful man.
Why has our society built itself in such a way that a person who earns a million bucks would get a movie made on him and people would still be dying somewhere of hunger and no one would even know.

I've have an awful lot of free time nowadays
that makes me think too much.
and something thats been haunting my mind for so long
is the concept of everything.
What is everything around us?
Even though I know that there would be a time when there would be no me
Why am I so ambitious to go to that point?
I dont get it
All these words
Like success,money,hardworking for a cause,ambitions,aims,goals
Suddenly have no existence in my life after thinking about all this.

Yes,It would be really stupid to think about life and death so much
cause obviously you wont get how it actually works ever

We dont even know what we are,why are we even trying to know what we are and are not supposed to do?

Success actually is over rated.
So is every belief that you think should run your life.

NEVER let something that you want ruin everything that you have and you're missing.
Just be happy
Thats actually would be matter to you ultimately anyway.
Much love

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yaar Khaaj Ho rahi hai mereko.

Sorry for two posts
I have this friend
Whos after me to write a few words for her glorification.

Ishita Pratap Singh

Im not writing much
cause I have other friends who will really hate you after this.
but I would like to tell them
That she (Ishita) is a really chepdu
And I had to write this,


The first time we talked when she came to me
She looked at the wall With a lot of attitude and said to me (yes,while looking at the wall)
"Hey! do you know how to sing take a look around?"
i was like
Yeah I performed it in my schoooo

Hey bas bas
aao aur gaa lena

And I was like
hey! Im synchro aiite
I have A/c
But then I met spandan
So yeah it was a nice day
On a serious Note

i think she needs to leave her house
cause shes really got bored and has dont some really useless work to comprehend like painting and enjoying with animals by clicking them in certain poses which bring her happiness and love

But I think You are one of the most talented people I know

And even Though You piss me off with your hahaha's
I think
If they weren't there
I wouldnt have become so open and funny
Thank you yaar
And please dont go all
its really embarrassing

And thanks for believing in every one of my exaggerated stories.
Only you believe in them
And Im writing this post
For that painting I ordered.

Though I would really like to hear you say more when we meet and not keep pinching charita's bums cause it turns you on.

Kuch bhi ho yaar

You lookss fabulouss

Mera Mewtwo ka jenga card tere wale se acha hai.

Its time
for titles that make no sense at all,
for literature thats got no sense of grammer whatsoever
for Hindi words
for a new blog update :D

Today I'm gonna talk about competition,
Competition which we experience at a very early age when we didn't even know we slapped a fellow 1 year old girl to get her toy. (And now we look at her facebook pics and go all "damn I was a lucky one year old.")

And competition we experience when we watch every college listings and feel a weird thing in our chest.

That's competition.

I for one always thought that i was/am and will always be against competition.
But then one day,
I saw a guy hitting a certain note while singing
and the next day,
I'm trying to hit that note by closing my eyes and making very weird faces,
And thats when I knew

I am as fucking competitive as any other person on this earth.
I really wish I wasn't though
cause I always thought that even though people say that it makes you a better person
It does cause a certain negative energy when you're in it.

I really wish I could do and feel what I thought and believed in.
But,Maybe thats why we say that we're coded.

Its like a guy commenting on a hot girls ass
Its inevitable.

We still have traces of the survival of the fittest theory I think.

I do give some credit to it though
If I didnt see other people do different things
then I wouldnt have been able to do things that I do.

I wouldnt have been writing this blog,
I wouldnt have so many hahahahahahaha's on my wall

Its amazing how
you go away from things that have actually made you.

you guys know all about this,right.

Damn,its been a crazy time since I last blogged.

So much more to experience
So many changes.

So many masturbations

Though its been good,
Its been hot.
Girls have been waxed.
Boys too.

That's life.

Friday, September 17, 2010

And along came an angel

Millions of years ago..
Genetic variations created Two very different groups of creatures
separated by minute and huge physical and physiological differences
One of them was


Every once and again
You see mothers crying to things you think are weird and you would never understand..

You would see women doing every work a man would do, but with 2 babies hung on her back
Feeding them, Giving her the care a mother needs to give to her child.

This post is about the women In my life--

Or to all those guys who have played a female part in any of my gay relationships

yeah I love all of you

Maybe the guys more
Nevermind... :P

I still can not imagine myself going through a week of torture every month because of nature's burden of reproduction.

I put my hands down for every girl
who faces every change in her with utmost bravery
We never really cared about this
Did we?
We never would after this
Cause Our day to day life issues are too overwhelming

Every girl
Called by any name
ridiculed by any swear or title
Once becomes a woman
And that woman Is stronger by heart than any other man could ever be..

They create issues
You feel a lot against them
But inside you know
if there is someone who has the potential to be with you
helping you everywhere
it is that girl.

It is extremely easy to overpower someone and make them feel inferior to you..
But it is very difficult to still love people who make you feel inferior to them.

But women
Oh you make it look so easy

What is the power that makes your mother lay beside you for hours and look after you when you're sick?

How do women still manage to take care and bring up kids even when they are brutally beaten up by their husband??

I,for one
have been a really lucky person...
I've had my share of women
I mean it in a platonic way
Maybe in a Non platonic way too

Even though you guys are really weird and small to be called women
But hey
I can do you guys some favors right?

Some Women In my life

Were and will always be for life...(You know who you are)

{This line might cause some fights
But hey
It's fun to see that happen :D}

Some fill those holes in my life which need to be filled by their interactions and company..
But I am sure they make other peoples lives very beautiful

Its really hard to not get horny when you look at a really pretty hot girl
But that does not dilute the other mysteries she locks in deep cages

i do not know what that last line means
But its nice to write such shit..

I think I have done my share of respectful flattering

No show me some tits (This is for Akshay)
No seriously
thank you for making every mans life so beautiful and colorful

And hey
The things we say while youre walking on the road and we take our heads out and shout
those are good things....
We say it cause we suddenly realize how much you strange beautiful girls mean to us
And uhh maybe we like your waxed legs
Let us leave that for some other time

And I shall not at all bring sex in my discussion here
Cause that would actually make this post epic

Yours faithfully
Shourya Malhotra

Creator of Various Smiles around the globe

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have crossed the anger,I have crossed the mess

Long Long
very long
sing a song
Long Long
WHatttt isss Upp guysss???

I just had to blog man,Had to.

We shall not believe in fate,We will not Kill to kill killing
We will not lose faith,Trust me,
We will just smile to kill hate.

I will not write about the things that have happened since I last blogged
there is too much to tell man
And You all know about it.

Norah Jones
I love you

And we are parting,

I am almost over making memories before I live another life.
I wish I could make it the most beautiful post ever,
Cause it is about the most beautiful thing ever,-My life, Everything that surrounds Me
people,things,creatures sab kuch
marne ke bad kahan dikhega ye sab?

Its amazing how we create shells consisting of everything we are living in

And how comfortable we get by it
and How nostalgic and weird we feel when we have to leave all that,
Its quite amazing
When you have to part away from your parents, Your friends and everything you took for granted,
And sala door hoke these are the only things you miss haha
Amazing shit.

sala kahan se leke aaye inhe be?
Kahan se laaye mummy ko?
There are some instances when you realize
ki sala ye log to extraordinary hai be
Its when you're down with high fever and you mom doesn't sleep in the night just so that you can sleep

Its amazing how she'd cry about you being ill
even when you know you're fine and still masturbate when she's not around

Amazing creatures
Bada mushkil hai sala maa banna
Mai toh kabhi try na karun

Baap bhi bade tod hote hai
Par this is about mums
Cause I love her
Very much
And even though I shall laugh at her crying because Of me parting away from her
I know I'll go to the washroom that instant and cry too.
I do
I don't know if you do.

I don't know
cause I've seen people
Some really weird people
Jo apne maa baap ko gali dete hai
Really not fond of them
Madarchodo The mere fact that You have the ability to think this is because That mom kept you in her stomach feeling Unwell for 9 months

Kya ho?
Ye baat samajhne ke liye
Intellect nahi chahiye
Bas you need to look in her eyes and see how much she loves you
With every blink
She wishes that her child just realizes that even if he/she kills someone
She would be there to cook her/him food.

I've seen some amazing times
Aur bhi dekhunga
what a party this part of my life has been
Kya maasstttt liifeee jee hai maine
Sab tha mere paas
probably the only reason I've managed to be such a happy soul

Probably the only reason why No asshole motherfucker will manage to disrupt my peace of mind.
Probably the only reason
I am sweet
And you love me

Probably the only reason

I love you guys
And Whats there to tell
I will miss you


Monday, April 19, 2010

And God sent it's son,God sent us love.

I am sorry guys
This is the second time Im blogging today,
I just had to.
I was in the mood

I will talk about it
Yes I will talk about the most mysterious creature on this earth
Found everywhere yet no cure,
I will talk about Love

It's all because I just found the appropriate song.

What is love??

I will give you some of my definitions of love.
Something I lack not.

Love is when you look at her photo,
you listen to songs like "Bawara mann"
And then you slowly move your thumb on her photo,
smiling slowly cause you realize you love her.

It's when you're in the worst mood possible
suddenly you wish she'd call you
and suddenly if she does
you smile your biggest smile
cause you assume that god wants you two to be together,

You look at her name in your phone book
and you create this amazing weird bond with it,
and whenever it flashes on your screen
you leave the floor and start thinking that you can live now.

When you go to the place near your house
where you always found peace
Looking at the world from above
all you think about is her,
all you wish is her to be there and look at the world from there with you.

You wish you sleep with your head on her lap
you wish to hold hands even though you used to call it gay when you saw that in movies

You start loving her so much, that you don't
think about having sex with her, which
worries you cause you start thinking that
maybe you have sisterly feelings for her.
but when she smiles
you realize that you can never have sisterly feelings for her

It's the reason that you can talk to her in the hottest weather
and not feel hot

Love is like a deep river
You ride in it and you know this for sure that the rivers end is the most beautiful thing in this world.

You meet god so many times and you don't realize it,
If there is god anywhere it is in our heart

If there is love somewhere
It's everywhere.

If there is fire somewhere
It is in love

It's only in love.

Streets we have never walked
hands we have never held
Life we could never rejoice
all hurts none when in love
all hurts none.

How rich are you?

Ayi guys
how are you?

This might be a Lil pessimistic post so yeah be cool,I am still funny.

I was upset.
Upset about how things change and upset about how new things attract your attraction and you leave everything you loved once behind cause you get attracted by the new stuff.

You know,Things go around the world,
Bad things happen to you,
good things happen to you,
You lose best friends (Ones you call your best friends,actually there ARE no best friends)
Like I did,
But it's okay,Bound to happen.
I was going through my phone book.
I could not find one single person whom I could call and say
Yaar acha nahi lag raha
I could call Surya
But he's busy studying and I know since he's such a weird guy I'll forget my topic
and start talking about boobs again when I call him.

I just realized,
How poor you could be even when all the people know you.
It is so fucking ironical.

This is not such a good thing,
Friends do stuff for each other,
They help each other,They enjoy with each other,But How come we don't RESPECT each other,
It's so stupid.
Unfortunately,friends aren't only to enjoy with right?
Or Am I the only one who thinks that way?
Do you guys make fun of my ideals and the way I like to lead life and how I have my philosophy about everything.

I am not frankly happy about how things are turning out,
But you know,
I'd rather watch a movie.

But yeah,

P.s- Tanmaya
I am really happy to see the changes you've had,
You really prove how shitty the concept of "best friends" is.

And I loved the thing you wrote for Anirudh in that picture of yours.
Thats cute.

Bye guys.