Monday, January 25, 2010

Around the world in 24 songs.

Looks like I am growing besides myself :P
What's up my friends
God,I am kind of proud of myself this week,
Deactivated my face book account,
Studied a lot,Practiced vocals even more,
had good fun too,

So much nice happened this week,
Deepened feelings,lessened sorrows,grown self confidence,Ever growing list of "Why would I Like to live a happy life"
Desperate attempts to not do stuff did not go in vain (I am talking about face book ,It is so bloody addictive bc)
I'd wake up in the morning and pick up my cell to check the notifications and then it would just strike me that I am not there anymore,
I miss updating my statuses,Nothing more that desperately.
I intend to not use it till my boards.
This post fortunately/Unfortunately is not any lesson teaching you stuff about my favorite topic "Life"
It is just one of those days when you wanna write while you're listening to stuff.

I did learn a thing or too though,

1) We spend our life in finding who the lead actor/hero is in the real world,such stupid we humans are.We try and connect our lives to any touching movie.
Abhi kal hi mujhe lag raha tha Ki I am the aamir Khan In 3 idiots, haha amazing isn't it?

2) People end up making a life rather than enjoying the one they ALREADY have.
We Indians specially do it quite a lot.
beta,Kuch Banja nahi toh pachtayega.
Heard that before,Haven't you? :P

I am again in the mud pit of infatuations :|
This time It's stabler and a little more sought after thankfully.
This is such a boring post.

I am signing off,
So sorry
Please pray that something interesting happens to me so that I can update you guys
Like she asking me out hahaha
P.s- Its either friends,Lovers or nothing
Once said the great John Mayer.
And now says the not so great Shourya Malhotra
Jungle me jungle nahi hoga toh kya forest hoga?
*Hahahahahaha Dies laughing*

Monday, January 18, 2010

5450=Life=Over (15 into 365.25=5450)

School's over,
I now enter a new phase
The phase number 2
I am not unique
Still I feel so.
SO yeah
I shall see you when I travel through my mind.
It's not important/possible for me to write about this.
Let's hope the ladder is smooth enough.
Cheers :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

I caught the cloud...Yet again

The lost race...

If you guys know what this is about, you know me.

If you guys know why I kept the title as The Lost Race that is.

I was Quite bored, Hence,I Googled “Love”

God damn it

Bloody 1,430,000,000 results

What makes your love so special?

Why do you think yours is unique?

Weird and funny actually.

Anyhow, what’s up?

How’s life and all that shit.

Life treating you good?

Mine’s fine (If you asked that is :P)

Exams on, so nothing important to update you on.

Except for the fact that I really thought I should tell you what The lost race actually means.

To just let you know that it is nothing depressing.

It in fact is a very thought after and an appropriate one.

Like my status says- “There shall be a time when you’d want to see your own ashes rest in peace. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

When I was young, around 13-14 years old, I used to cry under my bed sheet cause I used to be scared that I will die someday.

I still am afraid; it’s hard accepting the fact that you’ll end up dying without doing something you always wanted to do?

You’d actually die without experiencing love by a person you love.

Weird isn’t it?

So.....I remember I was just sitting on my bed and my mom was sitting right next to me.

I gained enough courage to be a coward and told her that I was gonna die.

She got stunned kehti kya hua ? (She must have thought ki mujhe cancer hai haha)

I just burst into tears and said “Sab toh mar hi jayenge na?

Mai bhi marr jaunga.”

She just smiled and told me that it’s how god wants us to be etc etc

That did help me in a way,But still in some corner of my heart I fear death.

We all end up losers….Each one of us ends up losing to something/Someone we think is our savior, our god.

I refuse to take part in the race that life is,

The way others think about it.

Since it is our destiny,We should rule it.

It isn’t our fault that generations before us made norms according to which we should work.

This world is anarchy. Despotic.

I’ve lost the race But I won’t quit, I’ve lost so much, Gained so much, Will lose so much, Will gain so much.

One single person/Incident/word will or should not affect things I’ll gain in the future.

It is about me and It should remain this way.

Yeah I guess I really am the lost rider and Haha Am so bloody proud of it.


It’s alright if you love me, I Love you too :)

Some really nice stuff I came across,

Thought I should share em with you.

We Climb the highest mountains to realize that the smallest things actually matter the most to us.- Me

There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it, and surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good. After all, life's too short to be anything but happy-Avantee’s friend

In the end I think Humans really don’t change anything-A conversation with Mr.Chatti


Bye guys

P.s. I am sorry If I preach too much, Sorry If I am too fairy Tail-ish

But that’s why I made this blog,right?

P.P.s- I don’t have enough balls to do what I want so I just write.

Friday, January 8, 2010

On special request.

Hi guys what's up?
I thought you'd comment the most on my previous post,Cause I thought it would touch your heart.
Alas! I was wrong
Anyhow,This post Is on special request,Some nice things that dominate my views.
First being one of the stories my mom told me when she wanted me to realize how much She loves me
Here it goes
I've titled it
The only Woman who loves you

Once upon a time,A Man who lived with his mother fell in love with a whore (This is a change I made,My mom does not talk about whores with me,She thinks I should not have sex as it is a bad thing :|) Now this whore was actually a heart eating witch,And this guy due to his deep love leaves her mother alone and starts living with the whore/witch.
The man asks the whore/which to marry him as he was in deep love with her. (which I've told you before)
This whore was a witch too so she said to the guy "Get me your mom's heart,I wanna see how much you love me"
This stupid chap goes to her mother and kills her (mother fucker)
He takes out her heart and starts walking towards the witch's house.
On the way,He trips on a rock and the heart falls on the ground.
He clears off the dust from his pants and suddenly he hears a voice coming from the heart,
He goes closer and the heart quietly says"Bete, kahin Lagi toh nahi na?"
The guy just looks at his hands and kills himself with the same dagger with which he killed his mother.
The end.
Go suck a horse's dick

Friday, January 1, 2010

And there I saw the mighty star.

Water water everywhere,Not a drop to drink.
Did so good,won so much,Still,alone I sink.

3651/4 days back I got down on my knees and told you that you were the one,
Even though it wasn't right.Now I found Some one who can be worth The jewels of happiness I wanted to give you.
SO yeah,Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

This blog entry is not to mention the bitter sweet memories I had in 2009 or my resolutions For 2010.
It is just a hidden personality speaking, A Shourya Malhotra Some where Inside Who feels more than The "Hey such a funny guy" Shourya Malhotra.
My blog does not define the Shourya Malhotra Synchro Section XII-H who does not study,Misses exams,does not give a shit about "Synchroites"
It defines the Shourya not many see,If any.
It defines the guy who makes weird crying faces while singing alone in a room with open windows and closed doors.
I write this post today to Sense What time is?
How does it matter if it's 2009 or 5090 ?
Why was 2000 so special?
And I just concluded it isn't.
Man made dates to quantize time,Into small packets for his interest.
Anyhow,I need not go so deep and wonder why I wrote all this shit when I read my own post after a day.
Here is how it goes,

10 floor high Chatt, 11:55 P.M. 30th December 2009, Notepad,Winters, And bloody mother Fucking Alter Bridge.
How much could you feel right now?
I Think 2009 has been one the years on the happier side of my Oh-So-Epic life And It sure will hold it's position in future.
I could not enjoy my New Year's eve more.
I could not it if I had gone to Some party,If I had gone to catch a movie.
Maybe telling her That she is a very special thing to me might come close to beating my present ambiance.
But I am an asshole at that,So.
I am sorry people if I could not attend anything you wanted me to.
I am sure you'll understand.
Another Year,some more aspirations,many more regrets,many more Changes,many more friends,No more love.
I wish I could Take out my heart [Or any other organ Which has the love bug plugged onto it,It might end up being the liver,You never know;) ] And put it in a chair in front of me and slap it fucking hard just to let it/Him/Her know That he is not treating me well by doing all this.
Even though he makes me feel so good when I think about her.
Anyhow, I am a guy who will never tell her that He thinks he deserves her,but before leaving her forever, will tell her that "That" guy was a very lucky chap to have loved her with full rights.

My mom is back,God I am so happy.I love her no matter what.
Even if She calls me a "rock star". Because,
she cheers while I am performing songs she will never understand in her life on stages she won't ever like to see. Yes,This is what God mother is all about.

To sum it up,
I would like to Thank every person alive for making a "World"
I would like to thank every appreciator,Every lover,Every true Friend,Every hot chick(Girl)
Every funny guy,Every Tanmaya Bhatnagar On this Earth (I am so pissed about that 3 packets thing)
And Every Girl who makes me think about her 23/7 (The one hour is for my news paper reading, Mom's orders :P)
And Tathagat, This is brilliance,This thing that surrounds me.
I await The Motha Fucking 2010
Let's see how much bad you can do to me :D
Enjoy guys
Go have some sex :)
I will post this a day later to just see If"I" a guy on his desktop can feel What "I" the guy on the Chatt could.