Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Hoax I live in. :D

Baby,Why can't we just rewind?
Oh shit I am here
What's up?
First of all,
Thank you everybody who liked/Loved my Work.
God I love it when people say
"Shit awesome work man
You have a brilliant blog"
Even though they convey that Via face book but I just need the support and trust me when I say this.
I am no writer I just write what I feel,
You guys feel too.You guys should convey it too,You guys should make somebody's day too .
You should make people love you too :D
Christmas,You know I have nothing to do this year,
But still it's the best Christmas I shall ever have...Ever
I have suddenly changed into this assoholically mature cool thing who loves himself .
I need no Santa now. No red bag full of happiness,I make my own bag,I have my own factory.
I am the master of my own happiness,My own decisions .
Being 18 is not about being drunk,Not Vodka,Not the driving licence (Or on second thoughts maybe a wee bit it is :P)
It is about the power to think,About the future,About what's wrong and right.
The power to make your own rights.
God it's amazing when you know you're out there ,Facing the sweet chin music.
Shiiittt I am not just able to find a good song to suit the situation.
It is so important to play good appropriate music when you're blogging.
If I don't have it,I don't write.
In life,It's really important to keep realizing. The best weapon according to me given by god
is analyzing,Analyzing and working on it.
Wrong deeds are inevitable,So The best we can do it learn and change the way we work.
My tuition sir,A very inspiring person in my life once said "Jab log har cheez ko samajhna seekh jaate hai tab wo genius aka paagal kehlate hai"
I couldn't agree more,This like many of his very wise thoughts has taught me how to lead life the way it should be led (No stereotypism intended)
I see so much pain which is so not necessary,people I love around me getting sad for reasons I tag weird NOW,Am I wrong When I say "Everybody wants to be happy"?
You might say "Ha! this coming from a guy who used to get sad at 5:30 in the evening till 12:00 in the morning every day fixed time cause of a chick"
You guys are right,I am sorry for that And Trust me If you ever manage to GROW you'll laugh your ass off on what you do now.
I sound so Daddy mummy lecture type,Shit
Sach mein,mai ordinary toh nahi?
I hate the fact that I might end up being ordinary,This is scarier for me than any other nightmare. :S
I think Christmas is the best way to change the stuff you do.
To realize that you were actually wrong (you know you were :P)
And for that you shall have to stop reading my random thoughts and start working your ass off. :)

"The end is near and I still haven't written my story
How do I collect my life and everything that's left for me to see?"
-Yours truly

Merry Christmas
Hoo Hoo Hoo
(I need a santa btw Was just trying to be melodramatic above :P)

P.s-I love Jingle Bells Jingle bells and all the Christmas related movies :)
P.P.S- I love you
Okay lame sorry
bye :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is that a w chord?

I do not need reasons to believe that I'm special,
I do not need reasons to stay happy.
I might just need reasons to express my happiness
But for me expressions mean nothing.

Hi ya pals,
I was going through my blog,I have not even told you guys about me
I mean the first step is the identification,isn't it?

Today I shall write about the most important thing in my life.
Sound or rather we shall call it music.
"The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre."
People are so right when they say that everything can't be explained on the basis of Science.
Can the above definition explain the tears that pour out of people's eyes when they listen to something?
Can it explain the feel,The love,The weirdness that comes with a single note of an acoustic guitar,A piano,A flute,A vessel ?
I really don't think.
If I could And If i had the resources I would spend my life buying external hard drives and storing sounds from playgrounds,from oceans,from currency and all the things sonorous.
I have no knowledge of notes,I don't even know what an interlude means,But What is it that makes me high
What do my ears absorb that makes me go all
"Hey I want to fucking live,
And I want to fucking live for this sound."
What the bloody hell is it?
I am a band vocalist,a proud one,a hardcore one,a good one too :D
And Seeing people around me I know that music has no limits
I see people criticizing some one or the other everywhere,
Himesh bhai :D
Black metal
Who the hell are they?
If 'god' (Or nature to be more appropriate) has allowed something to be made
Some thing as brutal as Devourment
Something as peaceful as Andy Mckee
Some thing as meaningful as Bob Dylan
Something as Lovable as Goo Goo Dolls
Who are we?
Every lyric ,Every note is nature's gift.
discovering music is like an exploration,An Adventure,A way of life.
I see people around me doing things,Great things.
Some times I feel bad for myself
Why am I not a prodigy,Why am I not as special as August or as special as Mozart,As talented as Steve Vai,As techincal as Joe Satriani?
But I guess they have what they call a well wisher and we all know who he is ;)
I need no money if i can hear,I need no plane if i can travel worlds with my mind,
I need no passport if I can download (Haha Lame But I am sure you'll find a meaning in this too )
Music amplifies feelings,Love hatred,revenge,OBSESSION And is way better than vodka in taste too. :P
It makes us reach the everest top with out the hard work .
It makes us feel Pluto's cold winds without the distance.
It gets us high on Ecstasy without the cocaine.

And therefore,
I am on an expedition now
A search for versatility,For genuine mind dwellers,For true knowledge
And trust me I shall do it without the books,
Without finding the meaning of" interlude" haha
Let us try and do what The legends did.
Who knows, We might end up becoming Led zeppelin for someone in the future.
Or The doors for others :P
Cheers to all those who have ears
Cause somewhere or the other
I know you Feel the "Arrangement of sounds" Deep inside
(I am not talking about the nuts :D)
Life is beautiful
And so am I
P.s- Ahh Nothing bye :|

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wafers of the broken fall and make us happy :)

Okay,This is how it goes...
A balcony,Cool wind(I love winters,I could sit all night long watching the sky),Speculative meteor shower, A happy soul and Andy Mckee-Rylynn (God I love this song,Infact,All his melodies are amazing.If there is one person who can make me look towards the brighter side of even death,It is he)
My heart is just illuminated by the ambiance.
And 5 minutes before,I was cursing life as I curse my maid.
Boy boy,Has this week been something.
But first,I have to thank the lovely people around me(Haven't I done this before?)
But I really have to.
All Of you Thank you so much.(Sorry I can not write names The list is way too long,But if you're reading,Be sure you are a part, cause All of you have made me smile some day or the other.
The past week, The raghu Dixit project,Faridkot,Metro,Driving fast,South Asian Rock festival,Purana Quila,11 p.m.,Vishal And shekhar :P (Yes it if for you Pragati)
Some important decisions this week-
1)I have decided to let go off my feelings for her,I tried conveying But was horrible at it and I kind of feel that I might end up getting away from her Which I surely fucking bloody fucking do not want
I like her too much to do that (I really do not mind if you take a step but :P )
Uncertainty prevails actually :(
2)I shall bloody study for my Law entrance from the start of January with all my balls cause I know I only have one attempt and How can I let people down? They love me too much, Let us try and retain it.:)
3)I shall stop converting my Brain Into a Pandora Box by getting depressed and angry cause Frankly i hate being consoled and counselled,I feel i am too smart for it :)
4)I shall stop suggesting people the music i love, I hate it AND i bloody hate when they just say it's nice :)
For god's sake,I have emotions attached man.
I hate it when people don't show their real feelings and try and be rude because they think he might end up khaoing bhaw.(Yes this coming from a guy who does not call her even when he fucking desperately wants to because of the same reason )
Anyways,Had real fun with Avantee and Pragati at the Purana Quila And also With Kiran at the Purana Quila Again :P
I need to teach some thing to Tanmaya Btw,
Love,You know What I have gone through When I was after you know who and spent most of my time trying to get her even though I knew I never had a chance.
I regret it now,I could have done so much during that time
Studied,Spent time with you,Love some one who truly deserved it,Learned the guitar (I so wanna do it now)
I am seeing you do it now,Do not,Do not,Do not ,Do not
This life is beautiful,Don't make it horrible for yourself
Sorry If I ever acted rude I love you. :)
I have my physics exam tomorrow
Wish I could Sit here all night watch the stars and a possible meteor.
And Yeah,My blog might end up conveying that I have turned into a Romeo but that is not the case,I lost all hope when I was 4 and a girl refused to play with me cause I had a booger in my nose :)
I am just a nice guy who likes a girl because he likes the way she is.
God I am loving the way my feet are getting all icey even with the socks on.
(That was sooo bloooddddyyy gayyyy...Sheesshhhh)
Well farewell my friends,
Life is, as always,Worth Paying for :D
No meteor :|
P.P.S- I do not know what to ask for even if I see one :\

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Now behold the lamb,The precious lamb of god.

I really do not believe in god.I feel it's lame thinking that someone,somewhere Shall come and save us from all evil.
What if the evil is in you yourself?
I feel good today.Real good.
This post is for some one who even I do not know properly.
It is about the" good human".The human who sigh's at irritation but still helps as she knows she is just too sweet to not do it.
I still believe that every person has a good heart.
She cries out of agony and frustration,Out of the brutal games she suffers,and then she realizes that she had been helping in the agony being faced by others
That is when the halo appears and she becomes pure,becomes HUMAN
I have this girl in my class.
Nimra Chaudhary.
Guys i really do not know her that well.
Simple,yet admirable.
Cute si,Gol si Haha
I am the same me,Teasing girls I don't even know,Making silly jokes to gain popularity.
The 3rd day of my new school,I saw her eating kababs (She calls em kawabs)
Being the asshole I am
I asked her to share,She did it with a smile.
Oh my god
What taste,Brilliance,Ecstasy.
She could see it all on my face.And remaining the asshole I am
I asked her to get em for me frequently .The sweet thing got twice the amount the next day.
(This will end up with a meaning so it's good if you read it )
Ecstasy again.
A year hence, And I am the same me. The same asshole Who has mentioned this like the 3rd time now ?
I had my exam today,English.
As usual I did not do anything in literature as I did not feel like.
Nimra Sits on my right during the exam (According to the roll number system)
I did all the other sections and wrote
"Section-D (Literature)"
And kept looking at Nimra Thinking thatshe might end up telling me an Answer or two.
God Did I trouble her with my pencil poking and squeaky whispers :)
The poor chap
Asked soo bloody sweetly
Mai please ek question kar loon Fir pakka bata dunga
I was like
I left the whole thing,Did not write anything after that.
She looked at me and asked me ki kuch karna nahi?.
I just nodded ki nahi karna bas with a smile.
then she did the sweetest thing possible.
She Told me ye wala karlo ye chotta hai,ye wala karlo dekhlo, ye lo karlo
I just smiled and left the room after submitting my paper.
I really do not know if I get through to you with the feelings i want to express.
But I know what I felt like.
Real sweetness is the virtue of the GOOD.
A quality which is rare,but Everyone's born with it.
A quality Nimra retained.
A quality i admire.

A tribute to all those tagged "Chutiyas" by the coolio's
I just want to tell you.

You make me feel good.
Life's good.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Look! It's an aeroplane :)

Hello my friends,
Or my imaginary friends (cause I am sure you guys do NOT check my blog )
I loved today.
Had loads Of fun.Wore the Lonsdale Hoodie,the same ripped jeans and my New shoes(do listen to new shoes by paulo nutini )
People loved em :)
And they are NOT PT shoes :)
I met Tanmaya
I am so damn sure she has not seen a weirder,madder guy than me .
And She looked very pretty.Really did.
Well done :P
I loved the time we spent together aaj.
Haha,You don't like him right :@
Stay away from the ajeeb thing man.She's in 7th and has tits.
How weird is that :S
Anyhow I love you.
Sorry could not click,And I shall give your stilettos back to you.
Then I had my coaching.
Same class,General Knowledge.
I hate it. :)
But have to do it right?
Hung around with Avantee.This has become a regular affair and I like it very much.
I'll miss it all when I become an established lawyer and you waste your time painting or maybe dancing haha (You know I lowe you so, Chill.)
Have my chemistry exam day after man,God Science is tough.
Sorry for the very random post.
I don't have access to my face book so that's why I thought why not blog and fulfill my crave to type :P
Life is very good.
P.S. I am on a diet now. :)'
P.P.S-Once a widow looks up towards the sky and says "Have I really LOST him?"
God replies "No,I have just given you a chance to love him more"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is it just me or you guys really love me?

This is soo bloody vella. I have my Maths exam tomorrow and I am blogging.
My head,It's like having 3 2kg dumb-bell's inside my brain.
Why is this happening.Is it because I haven't washed my hair since 2 days?
I really do not know.
Why the hell Am I boring you guys with stuff you don't even care about?
I shall start.
yesterday was a bad day.
"Is it good to realize that Salvation is your best boddy,so early in life? :S"
Said my status (You can always get to know about me if you interpret my statuses,I usually write my life there)
Yet again I was told that I have to donate my 'Life' in order to have a good "life"
I have to study like crazy yet again.
But I guess I have to.
God,I discovered that the maturity in the youth of today has gone to the bitches.
I feel bad sometimes,and a little wrong too.
Sometimes I think is it me who's trying way too much to become mature while everybody else is normal.
It kind of freaks me out. Being different is scary.
And yes,I think I have learned one thing.
The human mind is the best criticizer but the worst practitioner.(Avantee I guess I found the word :P) (Thanks Tathagat Chatterjee :) )
Tomorrow is maths
I Think I need to study or maybe take a bath
I still feel the dumb-bells in my head.
I think it maybe because I did not go anywhere today.
as a matter of fact for the last 3-4 days.
Mum's sent me some really nice stuff from UK
Thank you mom love
And guys,
Amma Bounce (This sounds kinda South Indian-ish :S )
Life's good period.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boo you again :|

I had a dream.Extremely weird but extremely sensitive. It might as well be the cause of an epiphany(If I have one that is).
Can't share it though.
Well,All this study pressure has made me something I ain't.
You know what I feel when I do something?
Yesterday I was just talking to someone about her problems.
Day before yesterday,I made a very sad person happy.
And today.I said to myself,
Asshole,Why are you spending time doing random things when you should be studying.
I think I should quit using the loo too. :P
I can not live with this feeling around me. It is frustrating.
All these things make me wanna be a non-Indian :|
I think the guys in America do not face all this.
And I think They should be happy leading lives.
I have diversified my music list.Just realized that there is more to music than just head banging :)
I have a good life.Period.

Boo you

I recently went through my status messages.
The most used word was "LIfe"
I think I know a lot about life then.Or at least I think I do :P
Sorry,for an abruptly late update.
I have not been busy.
Just thought too much about what to write.
Haha,And this led to boredom due to over-thinking.
Hope,you get what I mean :)
Anyhow,I am back
And I am so unhappy,Guys fucking subscribe man. At least comment :P
Okay,My exams are near.I feel like studying now. (For real :) ).
I guess I'm falling for some one.I really don't wanna do that.Have had enough of the awkward stuff.
I shall try my level best not to listen to lovey dovey shit and imagine myself holding hands.Haha
(Yes I do that :P)
I have good people around me.I really do
I have My Lovely deary Tanmaya Bhatnagar.
Guys,If you think My hair looks fine. And if the goatee suits me.
You should give a peck on her cheek. :)
I love you my "Best thing to happen to me"
I love my mom.
I think she is the sweetest thing ever.
And I am the biggest loser to not say this to her everyday.
But I really mean it if I say it once in a blue moon.