Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am not the CEO,You arent a bitch.

Haha Stupid Caption.
Hi guys
howve you been
whats up?
This reminds me of the line i used to use in every letter writing exercise in class

"I hope this letter finds you in good health."
Haha Childhood was good.

I just saw Social Networking.
Its a nice movie.
Even though it shows Mark Zuckerberg as a backstabbing asshole.
thats what i got
sorry If I didnt read between the lines.

Though What Struck me was that the whole story was about how a man achieved success.

What is success anyway?

You keep hammering a stone it is eventually gonna break right?
Yes, hammering would take patience and a strong will.
But how does that make the person good??

What I dont get is..
Why do people wanna be exactly like a successful man.
Why has our society built itself in such a way that a person who earns a million bucks would get a movie made on him and people would still be dying somewhere of hunger and no one would even know.

I've have an awful lot of free time nowadays
that makes me think too much.
and something thats been haunting my mind for so long
is the concept of everything.
What is everything around us?
Even though I know that there would be a time when there would be no me
Why am I so ambitious to go to that point?
I dont get it
All these words
Like success,money,hardworking for a cause,ambitions,aims,goals
Suddenly have no existence in my life after thinking about all this.

Yes,It would be really stupid to think about life and death so much
cause obviously you wont get how it actually works ever

We dont even know what we are,why are we even trying to know what we are and are not supposed to do?

Success actually is over rated.
So is every belief that you think should run your life.

NEVER let something that you want ruin everything that you have and you're missing.
Just be happy
Thats actually would be matter to you ultimately anyway.
Much love

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yaar Khaaj Ho rahi hai mereko.

Sorry for two posts
I have this friend
Whos after me to write a few words for her glorification.

Ishita Pratap Singh

Im not writing much
cause I have other friends who will really hate you after this.
but I would like to tell them
That she (Ishita) is a really chepdu
And I had to write this,


The first time we talked when she came to me
She looked at the wall With a lot of attitude and said to me (yes,while looking at the wall)
"Hey! do you know how to sing take a look around?"
i was like
Yeah I performed it in my schoooo

Hey bas bas
aao aur gaa lena

And I was like
hey! Im synchro aiite
I have A/c
But then I met spandan
So yeah it was a nice day
On a serious Note

i think she needs to leave her house
cause shes really got bored and has dont some really useless work to comprehend like painting and enjoying with animals by clicking them in certain poses which bring her happiness and love

But I think You are one of the most talented people I know

And even Though You piss me off with your hahaha's
I think
If they weren't there
I wouldnt have become so open and funny
Thank you yaar
And please dont go all
its really embarrassing

And thanks for believing in every one of my exaggerated stories.
Only you believe in them
And Im writing this post
For that painting I ordered.

Though I would really like to hear you say more when we meet and not keep pinching charita's bums cause it turns you on.

Kuch bhi ho yaar

You lookss fabulouss

Mera Mewtwo ka jenga card tere wale se acha hai.

Its time
for titles that make no sense at all,
for literature thats got no sense of grammer whatsoever
for Hindi words
for a new blog update :D

Today I'm gonna talk about competition,
Competition which we experience at a very early age when we didn't even know we slapped a fellow 1 year old girl to get her toy. (And now we look at her facebook pics and go all "damn I was a lucky one year old.")

And competition we experience when we watch every college listings and feel a weird thing in our chest.

That's competition.

I for one always thought that i was/am and will always be against competition.
But then one day,
I saw a guy hitting a certain note while singing
and the next day,
I'm trying to hit that note by closing my eyes and making very weird faces,
And thats when I knew

I am as fucking competitive as any other person on this earth.
I really wish I wasn't though
cause I always thought that even though people say that it makes you a better person
It does cause a certain negative energy when you're in it.

I really wish I could do and feel what I thought and believed in.
But,Maybe thats why we say that we're coded.

Its like a guy commenting on a hot girls ass
Its inevitable.

We still have traces of the survival of the fittest theory I think.

I do give some credit to it though
If I didnt see other people do different things
then I wouldnt have been able to do things that I do.

I wouldnt have been writing this blog,
I wouldnt have so many hahahahahahaha's on my wall

Its amazing how
you go away from things that have actually made you.

you guys know all about this,right.

Damn,its been a crazy time since I last blogged.

So much more to experience
So many changes.

So many masturbations

Though its been good,
Its been hot.
Girls have been waxed.
Boys too.

That's life.

Friday, September 17, 2010

And along came an angel

Millions of years ago..
Genetic variations created Two very different groups of creatures
separated by minute and huge physical and physiological differences
One of them was


Every once and again
You see mothers crying to things you think are weird and you would never understand..

You would see women doing every work a man would do, but with 2 babies hung on her back
Feeding them, Giving her the care a mother needs to give to her child.

This post is about the women In my life--

Or to all those guys who have played a female part in any of my gay relationships

yeah I love all of you

Maybe the guys more
Nevermind... :P

I still can not imagine myself going through a week of torture every month because of nature's burden of reproduction.

I put my hands down for every girl
who faces every change in her with utmost bravery
We never really cared about this
Did we?
We never would after this
Cause Our day to day life issues are too overwhelming

Every girl
Called by any name
ridiculed by any swear or title
Once becomes a woman
And that woman Is stronger by heart than any other man could ever be..

They create issues
You feel a lot against them
But inside you know
if there is someone who has the potential to be with you
helping you everywhere
it is that girl.

It is extremely easy to overpower someone and make them feel inferior to you..
But it is very difficult to still love people who make you feel inferior to them.

But women
Oh you make it look so easy

What is the power that makes your mother lay beside you for hours and look after you when you're sick?

How do women still manage to take care and bring up kids even when they are brutally beaten up by their husband??

I,for one
have been a really lucky person...
I've had my share of women
I mean it in a platonic way
Maybe in a Non platonic way too

Even though you guys are really weird and small to be called women
But hey
I can do you guys some favors right?

Some Women In my life

Were and will always be for life...(You know who you are)

{This line might cause some fights
But hey
It's fun to see that happen :D}

Some fill those holes in my life which need to be filled by their interactions and company..
But I am sure they make other peoples lives very beautiful

Its really hard to not get horny when you look at a really pretty hot girl
But that does not dilute the other mysteries she locks in deep cages

i do not know what that last line means
But its nice to write such shit..

I think I have done my share of respectful flattering

No show me some tits (This is for Akshay)
No seriously
thank you for making every mans life so beautiful and colorful

And hey
The things we say while youre walking on the road and we take our heads out and shout
those are good things....
We say it cause we suddenly realize how much you strange beautiful girls mean to us
And uhh maybe we like your waxed legs
Let us leave that for some other time

And I shall not at all bring sex in my discussion here
Cause that would actually make this post epic

Yours faithfully
Shourya Malhotra

Creator of Various Smiles around the globe

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have crossed the anger,I have crossed the mess

Long Long
very long
sing a song
Long Long
WHatttt isss Upp guysss???

I just had to blog man,Had to.

We shall not believe in fate,We will not Kill to kill killing
We will not lose faith,Trust me,
We will just smile to kill hate.

I will not write about the things that have happened since I last blogged
there is too much to tell man
And You all know about it.

Norah Jones
I love you

And we are parting,

I am almost over making memories before I live another life.
I wish I could make it the most beautiful post ever,
Cause it is about the most beautiful thing ever,-My life, Everything that surrounds Me
people,things,creatures sab kuch
marne ke bad kahan dikhega ye sab?

Its amazing how we create shells consisting of everything we are living in

And how comfortable we get by it
and How nostalgic and weird we feel when we have to leave all that,
Its quite amazing
When you have to part away from your parents, Your friends and everything you took for granted,
And sala door hoke these are the only things you miss haha
Amazing shit.

sala kahan se leke aaye inhe be?
Kahan se laaye mummy ko?
There are some instances when you realize
ki sala ye log to extraordinary hai be
Its when you're down with high fever and you mom doesn't sleep in the night just so that you can sleep

Its amazing how she'd cry about you being ill
even when you know you're fine and still masturbate when she's not around

Amazing creatures
Bada mushkil hai sala maa banna
Mai toh kabhi try na karun

Baap bhi bade tod hote hai
Par this is about mums
Cause I love her
Very much
And even though I shall laugh at her crying because Of me parting away from her
I know I'll go to the washroom that instant and cry too.
I do
I don't know if you do.

I don't know
cause I've seen people
Some really weird people
Jo apne maa baap ko gali dete hai
Really not fond of them
Madarchodo The mere fact that You have the ability to think this is because That mom kept you in her stomach feeling Unwell for 9 months

Kya ho?
Ye baat samajhne ke liye
Intellect nahi chahiye
Bas you need to look in her eyes and see how much she loves you
With every blink
She wishes that her child just realizes that even if he/she kills someone
She would be there to cook her/him food.

I've seen some amazing times
Aur bhi dekhunga
what a party this part of my life has been
Kya maasstttt liifeee jee hai maine
Sab tha mere paas
probably the only reason I've managed to be such a happy soul

Probably the only reason why No asshole motherfucker will manage to disrupt my peace of mind.
Probably the only reason
I am sweet
And you love me

Probably the only reason

I love you guys
And Whats there to tell
I will miss you


Monday, April 19, 2010

And God sent it's son,God sent us love.

I am sorry guys
This is the second time Im blogging today,
I just had to.
I was in the mood

I will talk about it
Yes I will talk about the most mysterious creature on this earth
Found everywhere yet no cure,
I will talk about Love

It's all because I just found the appropriate song.

What is love??

I will give you some of my definitions of love.
Something I lack not.

Love is when you look at her photo,
you listen to songs like "Bawara mann"
And then you slowly move your thumb on her photo,
smiling slowly cause you realize you love her.

It's when you're in the worst mood possible
suddenly you wish she'd call you
and suddenly if she does
you smile your biggest smile
cause you assume that god wants you two to be together,

You look at her name in your phone book
and you create this amazing weird bond with it,
and whenever it flashes on your screen
you leave the floor and start thinking that you can live now.

When you go to the place near your house
where you always found peace
Looking at the world from above
all you think about is her,
all you wish is her to be there and look at the world from there with you.

You wish you sleep with your head on her lap
you wish to hold hands even though you used to call it gay when you saw that in movies

You start loving her so much, that you don't
think about having sex with her, which
worries you cause you start thinking that
maybe you have sisterly feelings for her.
but when she smiles
you realize that you can never have sisterly feelings for her

It's the reason that you can talk to her in the hottest weather
and not feel hot

Love is like a deep river
You ride in it and you know this for sure that the rivers end is the most beautiful thing in this world.

You meet god so many times and you don't realize it,
If there is god anywhere it is in our heart

If there is love somewhere
It's everywhere.

If there is fire somewhere
It is in love

It's only in love.

Streets we have never walked
hands we have never held
Life we could never rejoice
all hurts none when in love
all hurts none.

How rich are you?

Ayi guys
how are you?

This might be a Lil pessimistic post so yeah be cool,I am still funny.

I was upset.
Upset about how things change and upset about how new things attract your attraction and you leave everything you loved once behind cause you get attracted by the new stuff.

You know,Things go around the world,
Bad things happen to you,
good things happen to you,
You lose best friends (Ones you call your best friends,actually there ARE no best friends)
Like I did,
But it's okay,Bound to happen.
I was going through my phone book.
I could not find one single person whom I could call and say
Yaar acha nahi lag raha
I could call Surya
But he's busy studying and I know since he's such a weird guy I'll forget my topic
and start talking about boobs again when I call him.

I just realized,
How poor you could be even when all the people know you.
It is so fucking ironical.

This is not such a good thing,
Friends do stuff for each other,
They help each other,They enjoy with each other,But How come we don't RESPECT each other,
It's so stupid.
Unfortunately,friends aren't only to enjoy with right?
Or Am I the only one who thinks that way?
Do you guys make fun of my ideals and the way I like to lead life and how I have my philosophy about everything.

I am not frankly happy about how things are turning out,
But you know,
I'd rather watch a movie.

But yeah,

P.s- Tanmaya
I am really happy to see the changes you've had,
You really prove how shitty the concept of "best friends" is.

And I loved the thing you wrote for Anirudh in that picture of yours.
Thats cute.

Bye guys.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I will send you to heaven...Just the way you do baby...Kiran baybeh

Kiran Mann,
Who says synchro does not create good things??
It created me
It created You My lovely Kiran.
Haha,The first time we talked was on the net when Alankrita told me to talk to you and you sounded sso arrogant at first
hahaha,,And after 5 minutes
you were crying about Jayant.
Thats my magic man.
Haha,Seldom did we hang out in school and seldom did you look so hot in your uniform haha
You were my crush baby hahahaha,
You know what?
I think that our friendship was because of face book.
when you'd never comment something good about my pictures, and I would surprise you with the awesomeness I had in my humor,
I remember farewell and the photo we clicked,
I remember that you carried off your saree so bad,
I remember that we never hugged,cause we were just too weird and I would always make fun of the way you say hello.
I remember the South Asian Rock fest,
I remember that we would always keep our relationship statuses as married to each other,
I remember that you really don't know to carry your beauty,
I remember that you have the cutest pimples ever haha,
I remember that I would have fallen for you if you hadn't fallen for Jayant,
I remember that You really suck cause you're just too weird to be true.
I remember the way you say hello.
And Mann, I will always miss the way you said "Shooouuryaaa :D:D" On facebook chat
I will always miss the fact that you never cared if I said hi first
You would always say it first,
I will always appreciate the fact that I have never ever had a reason to hate you,not like you or even fight with you,
This is all because of you,
And now that you're going to Canada,
I just realize that you ended up being the best FRIEND I ever had,
You did what people who I am friends with from the past 3 years could not.
You never gave me a reason to complaint,
You are going to canada
But you marry me,
I will always love you mann,
I will always remember the Kiran mann who used proactive and ended up with more pimples
I will miss the way you say hello,Do not change it.
You look like a hawaldar,

For you,
<3 I know you love hearts hahahaha

P.s-She is not chi chi,but I love her more.

Oh and

And I will download MSN

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Read my name, See through me. take me with you.

What all could I handle
How can I explore everything that'll come my way?
How will I always remember you all?

Just like radio head said in creep
"I wish I was special But i'm a creep"

I had my farewell yesterday,
If you guys expect That I'll write about how it was and shit,
I won't

I can not express the weird grief that haunts my senses when I realize that i'm officially titled to become old after this.

You know while I was roaming in my school and saw faces i'd seen so many times before
I realized
that I will NOT be able to look at them after this
So many guys
Not necessarily friends
Not necessarily acquaintances
But people
People who made the crowd through which I walked thinking "Ha!I am cooler than them"
I have shared stuff with people,
Cause I would talk to anybody as if They were my closest relatives and friends
So I realize that I just gave a lot of love for free
and now I miss it all

Its weird
I wont be able to see Lipakshi again
No Akshay dhanda
No ramik Rawal hahaha
People who know me and them
know that I am not such good friends with them
But I had moments with them
WHen I'd maybe take their case Or make fun of myself just to see them laugh
Haha I have been one son of a bitch motherfucking good guy
I love myself
I made everything around me happy
Even the guys who would open the doors for you when you enter a store
Sometimes when i'd be with my sister,
I'd tell that guy that her name is Raju haha and he would end up laughing,
I know this is quite stupid
But I know one of those million door openers would inside him think
"Haha!!Kya mast banda hai"
And there you have someone you don't even know praising you,
I know in this world of competition this does not even mean anything
But it does for me
I like being happy, I like to make the world happy.

My mom doesn't know I have a blog
If she sees this she'll think I am still chatting on face book and not studying for my law exams
But I love her
Because its only because of her that I have the words which I'm using to write this.

I loved the farewell,
It was fun,Real fun
Esp the dinner.
I'll miss you guyss
will miss each and every mother fucker who I saw in that school,
I will miss every moment I had,
Be it the one in which My parents were called cause of my low waist pants
Yes that did happen

In the end
If I may I'd love to teach you guys something

I know how you guys rate people but
Now what i am going to tell you has helped me till now and will surely do in future

Be funny,Smile,Make others happy,Be weird but be self respectful
Take cases,but in a way that they realize that your case taking is proportional to the love you have for them,tell them you RESPECT them,RESPECTING them is very VERY important.

And trust me
You will do anything and everything you want

Coming from me
you know you wanna try it

Bye guys

This section is for you
Hi chi chi
I know I have been a jerk,but I will not tell you that I adore you,
And will always do.
And I LOVE you.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Leave them behind,Let em go.

Haha No apologies
I know, been too long and shit,
I will not say sorry this time,
Assume it guys.

Been very weird these days,Times when I thought of going against my own lessons of being happy and enjoying everything that happens to you,
Unfortunately I did not, Still hung around smiling laughing at weird things
Making fun of people and making others laugh and happy (At least I think i did)

These days somehow remind me of Christmas a lot,
Don't know why
A lot has changed since Christmas,
Not in the most positive way possible But fine none the less,

I shall be blogging a lot now I guess considering the fact that I left facebook yet again,Yes for studies again.
I don't know man,
I am sorry I won't be the wittiest today,
The things around me don't feel right,
People aren't fine,
I am not fine,
Situations aren't the best.
It's not what it used to be 2 or 3 months ago,
before the boards I mean,
I liked those days,
Liked the way the things were,
Had things to look forward to
Now,It's like we're sitting waiting for our turn to enter the BIG COMPETITIVE WORLD
Yeah,Fuck you big world.

Actually,You know what?
I guess people are just preparing to become a part of the world,
Well I don't think you have the right to crib and cry about change when you become the harbinger,
That would not be such a good thing.

I am not sure about my love too
Acting like a jerk again.
I will not tell her,
Nah,atleast not with the enthusiasm I'm showing right now,
I think it's not just my thing,
Maybe I am Not the guy for it.

Here are some of the positive things that Have happened to me

1) Jason Mennings Haha I mean Mason Jennings, He is a very very VERY good musician.

2) Yeah,I guess thats about it.

A lot bad happened.
I lost my high notes
God I feel bad,
Will have to work for them again

I am sorry guys
Lord help.
Take care

Yes I was right When I said
That "WE people just need new toys for an hour so that we get used to them."

Monday, March 29, 2010

*The roar* *The light* *And The Me*

The Blog,
Sorry man,
Sorry for making you the coolest nostalgia I ever had.
I love you baby,

Did you guys know,
The Orchid Has petals resembling shapes of a female bee so that the male bee comes and humps the petal and in the process pollens fall On the bee and it delivers them to another Orchid hence causing Pollination?

How has nature used us creatures? Amazing this shit is.

It's been so long since I posted something here,
Its like I don't know what to write and all,

It is all because I was busy with the boards,
Nothing great though
You will be happy to know That they are just hyped and the papers are easy,
I managed to rise above all odds and gave a nice biology paper
The thing that scared the shit out of me,

Thank you nature, For you made a thing called MUSIC and thank you brain for the willingness you shyou had to explore it.

I want to be the man I want to become
I do not want to be the clayed nigga made by stereotypical societies,
My mind,Its become this weird thing that would question every damn thing that could possibly exist,
Maybe I do have The Obsessive compulsive syndrome
Maybe I do have the mental illnesses,
Maybe I am not such a cool guy who would get the girl he wished for,
But I respect myself.
I know I have done things,
Good things, I know I am better than a million and I take pride in that,
I haven't got everything by luck,
But I sure have all the luck In the world to get it.

Yes, I do like attention,
who doesn't?
And I have the balls and the skills to get it and not be criticized,

I wish I explore the world the way I want to,
I wish I do not become yet another unfulfilled legacy,
I just wish I become the guy the guy inside me is.
It is very difficult, But It can happen.

Fuck all this,
I am getting too not cool,

I caught up with old friends,Enjoyed the "Yaay!!boards over week"
But now again Have work to do,
have my entrances.
Not nice,

I am sorry guys I am just not able to write stuff,
it's just not there
I will see you guys
Will be back
Maybe check a miracle and tell you about it
Till then

I am still finding the balls I need to tell her.

Monday, March 8, 2010

You can't really do anything when the mountain acts like a bully

" A- hey B ! What's up long time eh? Accha bata
What is the best thing you can do with your life?
B- Hmm.. What is the best thing you can do when you're climbing a ladder and you see a nail coming out and you have a hammer in your hand?
A- What does that mean?
B- If you don't get it. You should not be reading this haha"

Guyyysssss!!!!! Hiii
How are you all??? Pappi pappi...
Kya karein
Boards hai bhai
kya bakwaas boards?
Easy papers hai..
But I have bloody worked my ass off for this shit.. Studied late... lost contact...
Stopped blogging awww I missed you my baby baby bloggyyy haha

Okkaayy I frankly can not recall anything.
I forgot the purpose of this blog, Shoot me.
Anyhow, I got my hair cut :|
It felt like the barber was raping me and I could not do anything cause I had paralysis.

I mean It was horrible.
But It's alright. I guess short hair suits me.

And and, I got time today as I have my english exam next and I can at least rest for a while.

Can you believe it? I did not even get the time to listen to some music.
This is what Physics does to you.

Anyhow, If you remember I was in love/liking/deep shit?
I still am :D:D
But I have started enjoying this.
This mystery shall not be solved. :D

And and and mujhe yaad aa gaya


Remember I told you guys about the 4th class incident when I started crying cause I was afraid of death.
It started happening again, Just That I did not cry.

But the feeling in between your tits hahaha I mean the heart
It started happening again.
Infact, I was horrified and started thinking too much and started concluding shit:-

1) Bc life me sab karlo,, sab kuch.. Fir baad mein try karne ka chance nahi milega
Enjoy everything And I bloody mean everything.
Fell off the stairs? Enjoy it and be happy at least you experienced something.
Mom catches you jizzing? Let her go and then laugh your ass off.
Not many experience this you know?
I know this is way too weird and stupid and you might just call FBI and register me as a "mental and dangerous" case, ( Or you might just register me for the second season of Rakhi Ka Swayamwar [That would be worse][ Yes, it will happen again])
But guys seriously, I am not asking you to go to Mount everest or shit
All can not do that,
But I am just telling you, You guys have a good normal life, You have a good normal brain, Some of you even have good normal dicks, So why don't you get the good normal realization that since you are going to die, You should be happy about bloody anything that happens to you .

I hope you guys get my point

2) I concluded that I don't have the cojones to tell her BUT someday,
I will, And I will do it.
And I will NOT regret it
I Will NOT.

3) A positive charge can be given high energy when revolved in a magnetic field.
I concluded this too. It's the principle of a Cyclotron. :|

So I guess I'll go? (The computer hugs me and doesn't let me go)
Don't worry I will be back. (He lets me go and wipes his tears)

Tum hume ek boner dete ho hahaha Sorry this is for someone.

Bye guys :)

P.s- For all the people giving their boards
Marks padhne se ayenge, Tension lene se nahi

P.P.s- I am in lovvveeeee With Manissha Lamba
She was amazing In "Shaurya"

I love you Manisha Lamba

Friday, February 19, 2010

*Raises Hand*....... What are humans?

This should be a very short post :) ................Should

I was returning back from B.P. today, {As always}
The 37 sector red light was as always chock-a-block
An approximate 10 min stop, on my right was the sidewalk
On the sidewalk sat 2 females and 5 children
This post is about one of those beggars,One of the kids that is.

There were 2 small girls ,a small male guy, a new born nigga.
And then there was the Hero of the post-
A small 3 year old ( guess) partially bald and fully mentally retarded boy ( SO it seemed)

This is what happened-

The small guy (not the hero the other one) was getting beaten by his mom (around 7 slaps as far as the math goes) Maybe because he did not wear his shirt properly or what ever
He was a cute boy and I observed he did not cry even after the slaps....Bravo my friend, You can teach the world a lot.
Those violent slaps actually caught my attention and as I was admiring his non-cribbing attitude
I observed a bald 3 year old very happy boy (The hero) wearing nothing but his tee ( no pants )
One could clearly see the lil' winnie he possessed (No pedophilia intended :P )
{ Now he should really hope it grows, otherwise he is going to have some depressing nights when he grows up Haha }
So, he goes on jumping and enjoying life and sits in the indian style potti position and gets up sits and stands again and keeps doing it filling air inside his mouth every time he sits,Maybe one of his ways of enjoyment ( or maybe he was just constipated and was trying a lil too hard hahaha)
Runs the length of the side path and then back again .

He was so KAYYUTTEE (Yes Sorry I used this)
It was quite a pleasant experience for me (Not the winnie part though :P)
All this mixed with Bob Dylan's On a night like this made it quite an amusing, Happy and joyful experience ( Even though it wasn't night time,Just the happy feel of the song kind of settled in )

Que-What do you want to teach Shourya Malhotra?
Ans- I am sure you'll find the answer yourself.

P.s- Katie Malua-Lucy in the sky with diamonds (Acoustic version)
Do listen (It's the new 50 times a day song)

P.p.s- You know it's about you and you know what I wanna say so let me not type it again.

Bye guys :)

There is a 100% probability that he won't ever read this in his life,
So I hope god somehow makes him realize that he deserved this piece of shitty blog post
I don't know why he deserves it though...he just does.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm 60 and I still have that tiny black speck on my left thumb

It's not the urn that sets you free
It's not the wind that releases your sorrow
it's just the spirit with which you lived your life
and the time you spent being loved

It's not the grey matter that helped you realize
It's not the white either
It's just the nights you spent dreaming
and all that you could gather.

Enough of non sense non rhyming poetry

How do we do? (That question is for you )
{English is a funny language}

I miss people.
Kiran Mann- so much

I miss times

I don't want people to go away
Apna Hulk My mirror image (Just a little chinky though :P)

I would like to write a wee bit about the guy I love the most in this world
Yes guy ( Gay jokes are cliché so Try something else)
Surya Prakash Agarwal ( No it's only the name {and maybe the appearance} he is not from Bilaspur or any other village)
My Band's drummer,My Brother from another mother.
Meri jaan,Tujhe dil se pyaar karta hoon.
I hope you go to Australia so that I can check how loyal I am to my words of being the same way even after being far away.
Even though You have minimal chances of clearing IELTS :P {Considering you lost The "Name-Place-Animal-thing" game hahaha}
I need no expression,The petrol I've wasted on you is enough to tell you what you mean to me :D
And If any Aussie tries any of those racist moves on you just show them your left tit,They'll be happy sucking it hahahahahaha.

Yeah back to blogging.
It's been a nice week,Home alone for the past 3 days,
Unlimited petrol,bucks to spend,Boards nearing :|
I had my piece of fun and maybe some pieces of Organic chemistry too :)

Btw,Being random actually is not being random,
It is just a weird try to show the world that you are being random so that they think that you're randomly funny
Which frankly is not the case,

So stop writing "I love being random" or "I am random" or "Meet mr.Random"
Cause If you are random people get to know it automatically,
They have a brain unfortunately
Yup :)

On special request {Or shall we call it desperate begging}
I will write a paragraph on Ishita Pratap Singh

She is a girl. She likes eating her boogers,
She likes my blog, She kept her status on my blog and gave it's link too.
It helped,
I see new people commenting and I like that too.
She can play the guitar, She can play kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi's theme song too.
I think I am trying too hard to be a lil' funny.
No frankly, Thank you for your appreciation Ishita,
You do deserve this {Especially your booger secret}
I am sure you're proud of me.
And I am sure you will become the cutest lead guitarist in the world,
After me i.e.
And we have to do that Acoustic set
I've had it with people saying that I can't do normal songs.
I can cover I won't see you tonight assholes
I can cover alter bridge too,
I can do high vocals too,
I can cover leonard cohen's vocals too
Fuck off!! ( Not for you Ishita) {Maybe}

p.s- No P.p.s this time :P

I don't feel the love for the girl at the moment for some reason fortunately/unfortunately.
I think she should start liking someone so that I feel that piercing pain again and start loving her again :P


Saturday, February 13, 2010

No woman No cry Haha

Howdy amigos?
Everyday you think for a while and just realize that yesterday was a better day.
Never thought about day after tomorrow being the best day of your life? :P have you??
(Yes It is day after tomorrow) (It has a hidden meaning dodo)

We just think too much about what's right and wrong,
When in reality nothing is wrong and nothing is right.
I'd love to live the primitive life.

Anyhow, what else is up guys?

Boards are near having fun eh? :P

In the midst of my never ending will to do a 12th physics problem myself ( Hahaha )
I found some time to watch My Name Is khan
Frankly, I hate it when People say it's better than forest gump I mean fuck you aiite?
Shah Rukh Khan did not look autistic, The child who played Shah rukh junior (The guy from slumdog millionaire) was for me amazing at being autistic.

But I just spoke about the movie cause I realized a thing after watching it.

All the journey that was shown was only because Their son took befaltu pangas with the foreigners and When was the attack" racist"??? It was more of bullying.

SO My point is,
Why do we people have to be so non-elastic about the way the world is,
Sala har baat pe revolution kyun karna hai?
Pan masale me supari kam hai
Ohh nooo BC Hum dikha denge Andolan karo
And the andolan goes like
"Supari kam,Hume hai gum"
Stupid but yeah
What ever
All I wanna say is that when you have two roads infront of you
One says
"Hey chill life is too small to change it"
and the other says
"Hey,The New prime minister said that Delhi's CM is impotent, andolan karo "
What would you choose?

If the world goes by this theory I am sure we won't have any riots,no public nuisance.
But this is like thinking that the tooth fairy will come and have sex with me,something like that. :|

This post will just teach (or atleast try) you to chill in life man,
You love her she doesn't love you back?
Be happy that you can check her on Facebook and imagine being together or doing a thing or two :P.
You don't have the best face in the world?
It's okay You're parents should be guilty anyway. :P
I'd love to join politics and meet the Prime Minister of India in a nikker (Shorts) and a Chaps shirt and tell him/her
"mate,Check me out, I have better plans than you."
But I am just too lazy and I'd prefer listening to 'Three Little Birds'
Imma sign out guys,
Keep it cool
like rajnikant did in Shivaji
Haha Amazing flick

P.s- A-Oye hoye it's Valentines day.
B- Haan toh?
A-Haan wo bhi hai


P.P.s- Oh god you are so beauutttiiiifffuuullllll BC arrrrgghhhhh I'd love to scream it to you
Ki Bc tereko samajh nahi aata ki wo tu hi hai paagal sali befkoof @#$@#$@$#$@#$@ I love you samajhi kuch?
Par abhi boards hai na
baad me karunga kuch

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Save Our Tigers

I'll keep it quite simple and try and convey a message.

A: Yaar,Ye tiger population itni kam ho gayi hai, Kuch toh karna chahiye.
B:Arre koi nai,Aise hi bol rahe hai sab log.kuch kam nahi hue.
A:Nahi India mein ab sirf 1411 bacche hai and There could be as few as 3, 200 left in the wild.
B: Haan toh 3200 hai na mera dimaag mat kha ja kuch dhang ka kaam kar le.

(A goes inside and brings a gun)
A: (Shoots B's son)
(Looks at B,Smiles and says)
Koi nahi 6 billion hai na :)

Isse pehle situation aisi ho jaye
Samajh jao and sach mein kuch dhang ka kaam karlo

We don't have the right to do what We are doing.
It's better we realize this,
If it's not too late

Save Our Tigers

Do anything.

try ice when you're cold....helps

I feel so good
Because of silk route..Thank you..
Duniya ki iss bheed mein..Sabse peeche hum khade.
Just listen to good music while you read this
If possible listen to this song.

Nice stuff I came across..

1) The thing about the egg,The one in my about me.
Its true,but who cares :)

2) The cold you get when you take your head out from your car's window and feel the winter breeze is probably worth it.

3) You ain't got nothing to lose when you got nothing.

4) We would rather watch a good movie than to change a real life situation,
I would at least do it.

5) I don't mind dreaming all the time when I know that's the only place where I get what I want.

6) I listen to music the whole time because God's speakers aren't working so well.

7) I have a blurred vision of the world In my mind,I wanted the same with my eyes,
So I grew my hair.

P.S- It's alright.
You can feel good about me loving you,
It never harmed anyone,
At least I can see you everyday :)

P.P.S-This does not mean that I don't want you,
It just means that I know I can still love you a lil bit more.

Sabse peeche hum khade.
Shayad wahi se line start ho jaye
Bye guys
Bye love ;)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When you know you don't know it, :)

This post is majorly in Hindi
So my international fans :p(Hahahahaha) Sorry.

Kya matlab hai sala iska?
Bc,Har baat mein lagwa deti hai.

Why god?
Kyun bnaya?

You made us only for the generation to go on.
bas reproduction ke liye hi rakhna tha na?

Jisse pyaar karo wo emotions nahi samajhta,
Jo emotions dikhaate nahi unke sab emotions samajh jaate hai

Bahut gussa aata hai,

When you know it won't happen and you still keep trying.

when you look at the moon at midnight with good optimistic music plugged in and still nothing magical happens.

When you see a long road lid perfectly by the moon and you realize the next day that it is just another highway leading to yet another city having yet another collections of stories like mine.

When you give it all to show your EMOTIONS and you end up conveying the wrong ones.

When you cry when you watch a movie and you think it truly is your story and the next day you bump into billion more people having the same views :|
When you listen to 'Hallelujah' More than a 100 times a day and then you realize that you have no one who's beauty in the moonlight can over throw you.And even if you do
She'll just expect you to look into her eyes and feel the love she has for the OTHER guy.
kya bc? Hum bhi toh thik hai na?

Chalo koi nai
Ye sala Emotions ne hi mujhe ye post likhne ko bola

Kyun yaar?
Samajh nahi aata

I had great fun at the citation ceremony
I wish I was wise and connected enough to cry
Cause I really could.
Thank you guys
All of you.
Haha,I didn't have the feelings to cry during what should have been the most emotional moment of my life. And I say I've lived fully.
What has this world done to me?

P.P.S- How do you ease this fucking heavy feeling inside man?
Ye kya hota hai?
Koi acid produce hota hai?
Ye sale hormones itni ajeeb tarah kyun act karte hai?

Samajh hi nahi aata hai na?
Sahi hai chalo
Bye and yeah what ever.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ray optics? (You will not get this [Both the title and the post] )

"When I left this place It was all green, I return and it's all green,
I start living it's all green and still the hay is what I worry about?"

I will Not Make sense today, I will not
Not to myself either.

A good day gone bad a bad day gone good and on and on,
Why the fuck Don't I feel good?
Kuch toh bura nahi hua? Nothing worth worrying about?
No one died, No one pissed in my mouth?
Why Am I not feeling good like any other day?
Why don't I have answers now?
Why Don't I have balls to do what I want today?
Why the fucking hell am I listening to songs which go like "Burn It down" And "Why don't you kill me?"
Why Have I done stuff the normal world does today?,
Why am I not talking to anybody?
Why is such weird shit happening around me?
Why does a small issue become so ever lasting and big Inside me?
Why don't I wanna hang out with anybody today?
Why am I acting so cold and non responsive with everybody ?
Why don't I care about consequences now?
Why do I go so rebellious at every thing that isn't what I want it to be?
Why am I not drinking to let go off everything and be too high to think?
Why Do I like to make my rules and not follow the already made shit?
Why does every good day have a bad day waiting in line?
Why do things fall in their places like they do?

I wanna fall asleep and Wish that I don't have another one of these days

Yeah Now I feel good,
Bad day wasn't it?
I'll get back with a good meaningful post later.

Life's good

Sorry no editing for this one,
If any mistakes,
Please ignore
I love/Like/something you
Yes you
You know it and You better tell me that you know it.

It makes my life quite easier that way.
And stop messing with my head.

P.S- The Only good thing Splittsvilla (TM)
Is their title track
Thank god
I need to poop

Monday, January 25, 2010

Around the world in 24 songs.

Looks like I am growing besides myself :P
What's up my friends
God,I am kind of proud of myself this week,
Deactivated my face book account,
Studied a lot,Practiced vocals even more,
had good fun too,

So much nice happened this week,
Deepened feelings,lessened sorrows,grown self confidence,Ever growing list of "Why would I Like to live a happy life"
Desperate attempts to not do stuff did not go in vain (I am talking about face book ,It is so bloody addictive bc)
I'd wake up in the morning and pick up my cell to check the notifications and then it would just strike me that I am not there anymore,
I miss updating my statuses,Nothing more that desperately.
I intend to not use it till my boards.
This post fortunately/Unfortunately is not any lesson teaching you stuff about my favorite topic "Life"
It is just one of those days when you wanna write while you're listening to stuff.

I did learn a thing or too though,

1) We spend our life in finding who the lead actor/hero is in the real world,such stupid we humans are.We try and connect our lives to any touching movie.
Abhi kal hi mujhe lag raha tha Ki I am the aamir Khan In 3 idiots, haha amazing isn't it?

2) People end up making a life rather than enjoying the one they ALREADY have.
We Indians specially do it quite a lot.
beta,Kuch Banja nahi toh pachtayega.
Heard that before,Haven't you? :P

I am again in the mud pit of infatuations :|
This time It's stabler and a little more sought after thankfully.
This is such a boring post.

I am signing off,
So sorry
Please pray that something interesting happens to me so that I can update you guys
Like she asking me out hahaha
P.s- Its either friends,Lovers or nothing
Once said the great John Mayer.
And now says the not so great Shourya Malhotra
Jungle me jungle nahi hoga toh kya forest hoga?
*Hahahahahaha Dies laughing*

Monday, January 18, 2010

5450=Life=Over (15 into 365.25=5450)

School's over,
I now enter a new phase
The phase number 2
I am not unique
Still I feel so.
SO yeah
I shall see you when I travel through my mind.
It's not important/possible for me to write about this.
Let's hope the ladder is smooth enough.
Cheers :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

I caught the cloud...Yet again

The lost race...

If you guys know what this is about, you know me.

If you guys know why I kept the title as The Lost Race that is.

I was Quite bored, Hence,I Googled “Love”

God damn it

Bloody 1,430,000,000 results

What makes your love so special?

Why do you think yours is unique?

Weird and funny actually.

Anyhow, what’s up?

How’s life and all that shit.

Life treating you good?

Mine’s fine (If you asked that is :P)

Exams on, so nothing important to update you on.

Except for the fact that I really thought I should tell you what The lost race actually means.

To just let you know that it is nothing depressing.

It in fact is a very thought after and an appropriate one.

Like my status says- “There shall be a time when you’d want to see your own ashes rest in peace. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

When I was young, around 13-14 years old, I used to cry under my bed sheet cause I used to be scared that I will die someday.

I still am afraid; it’s hard accepting the fact that you’ll end up dying without doing something you always wanted to do?

You’d actually die without experiencing love by a person you love.

Weird isn’t it?

So.....I remember I was just sitting on my bed and my mom was sitting right next to me.

I gained enough courage to be a coward and told her that I was gonna die.

She got stunned kehti kya hua ? (She must have thought ki mujhe cancer hai haha)

I just burst into tears and said “Sab toh mar hi jayenge na?

Mai bhi marr jaunga.”

She just smiled and told me that it’s how god wants us to be etc etc

That did help me in a way,But still in some corner of my heart I fear death.

We all end up losers….Each one of us ends up losing to something/Someone we think is our savior, our god.

I refuse to take part in the race that life is,

The way others think about it.

Since it is our destiny,We should rule it.

It isn’t our fault that generations before us made norms according to which we should work.

This world is anarchy. Despotic.

I’ve lost the race But I won’t quit, I’ve lost so much, Gained so much, Will lose so much, Will gain so much.

One single person/Incident/word will or should not affect things I’ll gain in the future.

It is about me and It should remain this way.

Yeah I guess I really am the lost rider and Haha Am so bloody proud of it.


It’s alright if you love me, I Love you too :)

Some really nice stuff I came across,

Thought I should share em with you.

We Climb the highest mountains to realize that the smallest things actually matter the most to us.- Me

There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it, and surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good. After all, life's too short to be anything but happy-Avantee’s friend

In the end I think Humans really don’t change anything-A conversation with Mr.Chatti


Bye guys

P.s. I am sorry If I preach too much, Sorry If I am too fairy Tail-ish

But that’s why I made this blog,right?

P.P.s- I don’t have enough balls to do what I want so I just write.

Friday, January 8, 2010

On special request.

Hi guys what's up?
I thought you'd comment the most on my previous post,Cause I thought it would touch your heart.
Alas! I was wrong
Anyhow,This post Is on special request,Some nice things that dominate my views.
First being one of the stories my mom told me when she wanted me to realize how much She loves me
Here it goes
I've titled it
The only Woman who loves you

Once upon a time,A Man who lived with his mother fell in love with a whore (This is a change I made,My mom does not talk about whores with me,She thinks I should not have sex as it is a bad thing :|) Now this whore was actually a heart eating witch,And this guy due to his deep love leaves her mother alone and starts living with the whore/witch.
The man asks the whore/which to marry him as he was in deep love with her. (which I've told you before)
This whore was a witch too so she said to the guy "Get me your mom's heart,I wanna see how much you love me"
This stupid chap goes to her mother and kills her (mother fucker)
He takes out her heart and starts walking towards the witch's house.
On the way,He trips on a rock and the heart falls on the ground.
He clears off the dust from his pants and suddenly he hears a voice coming from the heart,
He goes closer and the heart quietly says"Bete, kahin Lagi toh nahi na?"
The guy just looks at his hands and kills himself with the same dagger with which he killed his mother.
The end.
Go suck a horse's dick

Friday, January 1, 2010

And there I saw the mighty star.

Water water everywhere,Not a drop to drink.
Did so good,won so much,Still,alone I sink.

3651/4 days back I got down on my knees and told you that you were the one,
Even though it wasn't right.Now I found Some one who can be worth The jewels of happiness I wanted to give you.
SO yeah,Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

This blog entry is not to mention the bitter sweet memories I had in 2009 or my resolutions For 2010.
It is just a hidden personality speaking, A Shourya Malhotra Some where Inside Who feels more than The "Hey such a funny guy" Shourya Malhotra.
My blog does not define the Shourya Malhotra Synchro Section XII-H who does not study,Misses exams,does not give a shit about "Synchroites"
It defines the Shourya not many see,If any.
It defines the guy who makes weird crying faces while singing alone in a room with open windows and closed doors.
I write this post today to Sense What time is?
How does it matter if it's 2009 or 5090 ?
Why was 2000 so special?
And I just concluded it isn't.
Man made dates to quantize time,Into small packets for his interest.
Anyhow,I need not go so deep and wonder why I wrote all this shit when I read my own post after a day.
Here is how it goes,

10 floor high Chatt, 11:55 P.M. 30th December 2009, Notepad,Winters, And bloody mother Fucking Alter Bridge.
How much could you feel right now?
I Think 2009 has been one the years on the happier side of my Oh-So-Epic life And It sure will hold it's position in future.
I could not enjoy my New Year's eve more.
I could not it if I had gone to Some party,If I had gone to catch a movie.
Maybe telling her That she is a very special thing to me might come close to beating my present ambiance.
But I am an asshole at that,So.
I am sorry people if I could not attend anything you wanted me to.
I am sure you'll understand.
Another Year,some more aspirations,many more regrets,many more Changes,many more friends,No more love.
I wish I could Take out my heart [Or any other organ Which has the love bug plugged onto it,It might end up being the liver,You never know;) ] And put it in a chair in front of me and slap it fucking hard just to let it/Him/Her know That he is not treating me well by doing all this.
Even though he makes me feel so good when I think about her.
Anyhow, I am a guy who will never tell her that He thinks he deserves her,but before leaving her forever, will tell her that "That" guy was a very lucky chap to have loved her with full rights.

My mom is back,God I am so happy.I love her no matter what.
Even if She calls me a "rock star". Because,
she cheers while I am performing songs she will never understand in her life on stages she won't ever like to see. Yes,This is what God mother is all about.

To sum it up,
I would like to Thank every person alive for making a "World"
I would like to thank every appreciator,Every lover,Every true Friend,Every hot chick(Girl)
Every funny guy,Every Tanmaya Bhatnagar On this Earth (I am so pissed about that 3 packets thing)
And Every Girl who makes me think about her 23/7 (The one hour is for my news paper reading, Mom's orders :P)
And Tathagat, This is brilliance,This thing that surrounds me.
I await The Motha Fucking 2010
Let's see how much bad you can do to me :D
Enjoy guys
Go have some sex :)
I will post this a day later to just see If"I" a guy on his desktop can feel What "I" the guy on the Chatt could.