Monday, April 19, 2010

And God sent it's son,God sent us love.

I am sorry guys
This is the second time Im blogging today,
I just had to.
I was in the mood

I will talk about it
Yes I will talk about the most mysterious creature on this earth
Found everywhere yet no cure,
I will talk about Love

It's all because I just found the appropriate song.

What is love??

I will give you some of my definitions of love.
Something I lack not.

Love is when you look at her photo,
you listen to songs like "Bawara mann"
And then you slowly move your thumb on her photo,
smiling slowly cause you realize you love her.

It's when you're in the worst mood possible
suddenly you wish she'd call you
and suddenly if she does
you smile your biggest smile
cause you assume that god wants you two to be together,

You look at her name in your phone book
and you create this amazing weird bond with it,
and whenever it flashes on your screen
you leave the floor and start thinking that you can live now.

When you go to the place near your house
where you always found peace
Looking at the world from above
all you think about is her,
all you wish is her to be there and look at the world from there with you.

You wish you sleep with your head on her lap
you wish to hold hands even though you used to call it gay when you saw that in movies

You start loving her so much, that you don't
think about having sex with her, which
worries you cause you start thinking that
maybe you have sisterly feelings for her.
but when she smiles
you realize that you can never have sisterly feelings for her

It's the reason that you can talk to her in the hottest weather
and not feel hot

Love is like a deep river
You ride in it and you know this for sure that the rivers end is the most beautiful thing in this world.

You meet god so many times and you don't realize it,
If there is god anywhere it is in our heart

If there is love somewhere
It's everywhere.

If there is fire somewhere
It is in love

It's only in love.

Streets we have never walked
hands we have never held
Life we could never rejoice
all hurts none when in love
all hurts none.

How rich are you?

Ayi guys
how are you?

This might be a Lil pessimistic post so yeah be cool,I am still funny.

I was upset.
Upset about how things change and upset about how new things attract your attraction and you leave everything you loved once behind cause you get attracted by the new stuff.

You know,Things go around the world,
Bad things happen to you,
good things happen to you,
You lose best friends (Ones you call your best friends,actually there ARE no best friends)
Like I did,
But it's okay,Bound to happen.
I was going through my phone book.
I could not find one single person whom I could call and say
Yaar acha nahi lag raha
I could call Surya
But he's busy studying and I know since he's such a weird guy I'll forget my topic
and start talking about boobs again when I call him.

I just realized,
How poor you could be even when all the people know you.
It is so fucking ironical.

This is not such a good thing,
Friends do stuff for each other,
They help each other,They enjoy with each other,But How come we don't RESPECT each other,
It's so stupid.
Unfortunately,friends aren't only to enjoy with right?
Or Am I the only one who thinks that way?
Do you guys make fun of my ideals and the way I like to lead life and how I have my philosophy about everything.

I am not frankly happy about how things are turning out,
But you know,
I'd rather watch a movie.

But yeah,

P.s- Tanmaya
I am really happy to see the changes you've had,
You really prove how shitty the concept of "best friends" is.

And I loved the thing you wrote for Anirudh in that picture of yours.
Thats cute.

Bye guys.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I will send you to heaven...Just the way you do baby...Kiran baybeh

Kiran Mann,
Who says synchro does not create good things??
It created me
It created You My lovely Kiran.
Haha,The first time we talked was on the net when Alankrita told me to talk to you and you sounded sso arrogant at first
hahaha,,And after 5 minutes
you were crying about Jayant.
Thats my magic man.
Haha,Seldom did we hang out in school and seldom did you look so hot in your uniform haha
You were my crush baby hahahaha,
You know what?
I think that our friendship was because of face book.
when you'd never comment something good about my pictures, and I would surprise you with the awesomeness I had in my humor,
I remember farewell and the photo we clicked,
I remember that you carried off your saree so bad,
I remember that we never hugged,cause we were just too weird and I would always make fun of the way you say hello.
I remember the South Asian Rock fest,
I remember that we would always keep our relationship statuses as married to each other,
I remember that you really don't know to carry your beauty,
I remember that you have the cutest pimples ever haha,
I remember that I would have fallen for you if you hadn't fallen for Jayant,
I remember that You really suck cause you're just too weird to be true.
I remember the way you say hello.
And Mann, I will always miss the way you said "Shooouuryaaa :D:D" On facebook chat
I will always miss the fact that you never cared if I said hi first
You would always say it first,
I will always appreciate the fact that I have never ever had a reason to hate you,not like you or even fight with you,
This is all because of you,
And now that you're going to Canada,
I just realize that you ended up being the best FRIEND I ever had,
You did what people who I am friends with from the past 3 years could not.
You never gave me a reason to complaint,
You are going to canada
But you marry me,
I will always love you mann,
I will always remember the Kiran mann who used proactive and ended up with more pimples
I will miss the way you say hello,Do not change it.
You look like a hawaldar,

For you,
<3 I know you love hearts hahahaha

P.s-She is not chi chi,but I love her more.

Oh and

And I will download MSN

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Read my name, See through me. take me with you.

What all could I handle
How can I explore everything that'll come my way?
How will I always remember you all?

Just like radio head said in creep
"I wish I was special But i'm a creep"

I had my farewell yesterday,
If you guys expect That I'll write about how it was and shit,
I won't

I can not express the weird grief that haunts my senses when I realize that i'm officially titled to become old after this.

You know while I was roaming in my school and saw faces i'd seen so many times before
I realized
that I will NOT be able to look at them after this
So many guys
Not necessarily friends
Not necessarily acquaintances
But people
People who made the crowd through which I walked thinking "Ha!I am cooler than them"
I have shared stuff with people,
Cause I would talk to anybody as if They were my closest relatives and friends
So I realize that I just gave a lot of love for free
and now I miss it all

Its weird
I wont be able to see Lipakshi again
No Akshay dhanda
No ramik Rawal hahaha
People who know me and them
know that I am not such good friends with them
But I had moments with them
WHen I'd maybe take their case Or make fun of myself just to see them laugh
Haha I have been one son of a bitch motherfucking good guy
I love myself
I made everything around me happy
Even the guys who would open the doors for you when you enter a store
Sometimes when i'd be with my sister,
I'd tell that guy that her name is Raju haha and he would end up laughing,
I know this is quite stupid
But I know one of those million door openers would inside him think
"Haha!!Kya mast banda hai"
And there you have someone you don't even know praising you,
I know in this world of competition this does not even mean anything
But it does for me
I like being happy, I like to make the world happy.

My mom doesn't know I have a blog
If she sees this she'll think I am still chatting on face book and not studying for my law exams
But I love her
Because its only because of her that I have the words which I'm using to write this.

I loved the farewell,
It was fun,Real fun
Esp the dinner.
I'll miss you guyss
will miss each and every mother fucker who I saw in that school,
I will miss every moment I had,
Be it the one in which My parents were called cause of my low waist pants
Yes that did happen

In the end
If I may I'd love to teach you guys something

I know how you guys rate people but
Now what i am going to tell you has helped me till now and will surely do in future

Be funny,Smile,Make others happy,Be weird but be self respectful
Take cases,but in a way that they realize that your case taking is proportional to the love you have for them,tell them you RESPECT them,RESPECTING them is very VERY important.

And trust me
You will do anything and everything you want

Coming from me
you know you wanna try it

Bye guys

This section is for you
Hi chi chi
I know I have been a jerk,but I will not tell you that I adore you,
And will always do.
And I LOVE you.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Leave them behind,Let em go.

Haha No apologies
I know, been too long and shit,
I will not say sorry this time,
Assume it guys.

Been very weird these days,Times when I thought of going against my own lessons of being happy and enjoying everything that happens to you,
Unfortunately I did not, Still hung around smiling laughing at weird things
Making fun of people and making others laugh and happy (At least I think i did)

These days somehow remind me of Christmas a lot,
Don't know why
A lot has changed since Christmas,
Not in the most positive way possible But fine none the less,

I shall be blogging a lot now I guess considering the fact that I left facebook yet again,Yes for studies again.
I don't know man,
I am sorry I won't be the wittiest today,
The things around me don't feel right,
People aren't fine,
I am not fine,
Situations aren't the best.
It's not what it used to be 2 or 3 months ago,
before the boards I mean,
I liked those days,
Liked the way the things were,
Had things to look forward to
Now,It's like we're sitting waiting for our turn to enter the BIG COMPETITIVE WORLD
Yeah,Fuck you big world.

Actually,You know what?
I guess people are just preparing to become a part of the world,
Well I don't think you have the right to crib and cry about change when you become the harbinger,
That would not be such a good thing.

I am not sure about my love too
Acting like a jerk again.
I will not tell her,
Nah,atleast not with the enthusiasm I'm showing right now,
I think it's not just my thing,
Maybe I am Not the guy for it.

Here are some of the positive things that Have happened to me

1) Jason Mennings Haha I mean Mason Jennings, He is a very very VERY good musician.

2) Yeah,I guess thats about it.

A lot bad happened.
I lost my high notes
God I feel bad,
Will have to work for them again

I am sorry guys
Lord help.
Take care

Yes I was right When I said
That "WE people just need new toys for an hour so that we get used to them."