Friday, October 22, 2010

Yaar Khaaj Ho rahi hai mereko.

Sorry for two posts
I have this friend
Whos after me to write a few words for her glorification.

Ishita Pratap Singh

Im not writing much
cause I have other friends who will really hate you after this.
but I would like to tell them
That she (Ishita) is a really chepdu
And I had to write this,


The first time we talked when she came to me
She looked at the wall With a lot of attitude and said to me (yes,while looking at the wall)
"Hey! do you know how to sing take a look around?"
i was like
Yeah I performed it in my schoooo

Hey bas bas
aao aur gaa lena

And I was like
hey! Im synchro aiite
I have A/c
But then I met spandan
So yeah it was a nice day
On a serious Note

i think she needs to leave her house
cause shes really got bored and has dont some really useless work to comprehend like painting and enjoying with animals by clicking them in certain poses which bring her happiness and love

But I think You are one of the most talented people I know

And even Though You piss me off with your hahaha's
I think
If they weren't there
I wouldnt have become so open and funny
Thank you yaar
And please dont go all
its really embarrassing

And thanks for believing in every one of my exaggerated stories.
Only you believe in them
And Im writing this post
For that painting I ordered.

Though I would really like to hear you say more when we meet and not keep pinching charita's bums cause it turns you on.

Kuch bhi ho yaar

You lookss fabulouss

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