Friday, October 22, 2010

Mera Mewtwo ka jenga card tere wale se acha hai.

Its time
for titles that make no sense at all,
for literature thats got no sense of grammer whatsoever
for Hindi words
for a new blog update :D

Today I'm gonna talk about competition,
Competition which we experience at a very early age when we didn't even know we slapped a fellow 1 year old girl to get her toy. (And now we look at her facebook pics and go all "damn I was a lucky one year old.")

And competition we experience when we watch every college listings and feel a weird thing in our chest.

That's competition.

I for one always thought that i was/am and will always be against competition.
But then one day,
I saw a guy hitting a certain note while singing
and the next day,
I'm trying to hit that note by closing my eyes and making very weird faces,
And thats when I knew

I am as fucking competitive as any other person on this earth.
I really wish I wasn't though
cause I always thought that even though people say that it makes you a better person
It does cause a certain negative energy when you're in it.

I really wish I could do and feel what I thought and believed in.
But,Maybe thats why we say that we're coded.

Its like a guy commenting on a hot girls ass
Its inevitable.

We still have traces of the survival of the fittest theory I think.

I do give some credit to it though
If I didnt see other people do different things
then I wouldnt have been able to do things that I do.

I wouldnt have been writing this blog,
I wouldnt have so many hahahahahahaha's on my wall

Its amazing how
you go away from things that have actually made you.

you guys know all about this,right.

Damn,its been a crazy time since I last blogged.

So much more to experience
So many changes.

So many masturbations

Though its been good,
Its been hot.
Girls have been waxed.
Boys too.

That's life.

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