Monday, March 29, 2010

*The roar* *The light* *And The Me*

The Blog,
Sorry man,
Sorry for making you the coolest nostalgia I ever had.
I love you baby,

Did you guys know,
The Orchid Has petals resembling shapes of a female bee so that the male bee comes and humps the petal and in the process pollens fall On the bee and it delivers them to another Orchid hence causing Pollination?

How has nature used us creatures? Amazing this shit is.

It's been so long since I posted something here,
Its like I don't know what to write and all,

It is all because I was busy with the boards,
Nothing great though
You will be happy to know That they are just hyped and the papers are easy,
I managed to rise above all odds and gave a nice biology paper
The thing that scared the shit out of me,

Thank you nature, For you made a thing called MUSIC and thank you brain for the willingness you shyou had to explore it.

I want to be the man I want to become
I do not want to be the clayed nigga made by stereotypical societies,
My mind,Its become this weird thing that would question every damn thing that could possibly exist,
Maybe I do have The Obsessive compulsive syndrome
Maybe I do have the mental illnesses,
Maybe I am not such a cool guy who would get the girl he wished for,
But I respect myself.
I know I have done things,
Good things, I know I am better than a million and I take pride in that,
I haven't got everything by luck,
But I sure have all the luck In the world to get it.

Yes, I do like attention,
who doesn't?
And I have the balls and the skills to get it and not be criticized,

I wish I explore the world the way I want to,
I wish I do not become yet another unfulfilled legacy,
I just wish I become the guy the guy inside me is.
It is very difficult, But It can happen.

Fuck all this,
I am getting too not cool,

I caught up with old friends,Enjoyed the "Yaay!!boards over week"
But now again Have work to do,
have my entrances.
Not nice,

I am sorry guys I am just not able to write stuff,
it's just not there
I will see you guys
Will be back
Maybe check a miracle and tell you about it
Till then

I am still finding the balls I need to tell her.

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