Monday, March 8, 2010

You can't really do anything when the mountain acts like a bully

" A- hey B ! What's up long time eh? Accha bata
What is the best thing you can do with your life?
B- Hmm.. What is the best thing you can do when you're climbing a ladder and you see a nail coming out and you have a hammer in your hand?
A- What does that mean?
B- If you don't get it. You should not be reading this haha"

Guyyysssss!!!!! Hiii
How are you all??? Pappi pappi...
Kya karein
Boards hai bhai
kya bakwaas boards?
Easy papers hai..
But I have bloody worked my ass off for this shit.. Studied late... lost contact...
Stopped blogging awww I missed you my baby baby bloggyyy haha

Okkaayy I frankly can not recall anything.
I forgot the purpose of this blog, Shoot me.
Anyhow, I got my hair cut :|
It felt like the barber was raping me and I could not do anything cause I had paralysis.

I mean It was horrible.
But It's alright. I guess short hair suits me.

And and, I got time today as I have my english exam next and I can at least rest for a while.

Can you believe it? I did not even get the time to listen to some music.
This is what Physics does to you.

Anyhow, If you remember I was in love/liking/deep shit?
I still am :D:D
But I have started enjoying this.
This mystery shall not be solved. :D

And and and mujhe yaad aa gaya


Remember I told you guys about the 4th class incident when I started crying cause I was afraid of death.
It started happening again, Just That I did not cry.

But the feeling in between your tits hahaha I mean the heart
It started happening again.
Infact, I was horrified and started thinking too much and started concluding shit:-

1) Bc life me sab karlo,, sab kuch.. Fir baad mein try karne ka chance nahi milega
Enjoy everything And I bloody mean everything.
Fell off the stairs? Enjoy it and be happy at least you experienced something.
Mom catches you jizzing? Let her go and then laugh your ass off.
Not many experience this you know?
I know this is way too weird and stupid and you might just call FBI and register me as a "mental and dangerous" case, ( Or you might just register me for the second season of Rakhi Ka Swayamwar [That would be worse][ Yes, it will happen again])
But guys seriously, I am not asking you to go to Mount everest or shit
All can not do that,
But I am just telling you, You guys have a good normal life, You have a good normal brain, Some of you even have good normal dicks, So why don't you get the good normal realization that since you are going to die, You should be happy about bloody anything that happens to you .

I hope you guys get my point

2) I concluded that I don't have the cojones to tell her BUT someday,
I will, And I will do it.
And I will NOT regret it
I Will NOT.

3) A positive charge can be given high energy when revolved in a magnetic field.
I concluded this too. It's the principle of a Cyclotron. :|

So I guess I'll go? (The computer hugs me and doesn't let me go)
Don't worry I will be back. (He lets me go and wipes his tears)

Tum hume ek boner dete ho hahaha Sorry this is for someone.

Bye guys :)

P.s- For all the people giving their boards
Marks padhne se ayenge, Tension lene se nahi

P.P.s- I am in lovvveeeee With Manissha Lamba
She was amazing In "Shaurya"

I love you Manisha Lamba

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