Friday, April 9, 2010

Leave them behind,Let em go.

Haha No apologies
I know, been too long and shit,
I will not say sorry this time,
Assume it guys.

Been very weird these days,Times when I thought of going against my own lessons of being happy and enjoying everything that happens to you,
Unfortunately I did not, Still hung around smiling laughing at weird things
Making fun of people and making others laugh and happy (At least I think i did)

These days somehow remind me of Christmas a lot,
Don't know why
A lot has changed since Christmas,
Not in the most positive way possible But fine none the less,

I shall be blogging a lot now I guess considering the fact that I left facebook yet again,Yes for studies again.
I don't know man,
I am sorry I won't be the wittiest today,
The things around me don't feel right,
People aren't fine,
I am not fine,
Situations aren't the best.
It's not what it used to be 2 or 3 months ago,
before the boards I mean,
I liked those days,
Liked the way the things were,
Had things to look forward to
Now,It's like we're sitting waiting for our turn to enter the BIG COMPETITIVE WORLD
Yeah,Fuck you big world.

Actually,You know what?
I guess people are just preparing to become a part of the world,
Well I don't think you have the right to crib and cry about change when you become the harbinger,
That would not be such a good thing.

I am not sure about my love too
Acting like a jerk again.
I will not tell her,
Nah,atleast not with the enthusiasm I'm showing right now,
I think it's not just my thing,
Maybe I am Not the guy for it.

Here are some of the positive things that Have happened to me

1) Jason Mennings Haha I mean Mason Jennings, He is a very very VERY good musician.

2) Yeah,I guess thats about it.

A lot bad happened.
I lost my high notes
God I feel bad,
Will have to work for them again

I am sorry guys
Lord help.
Take care

Yes I was right When I said
That "WE people just need new toys for an hour so that we get used to them."


  1. Somewhere, I get this feeling, love is not ur thing!

  2. its okay to feel sad
    what is not ok is feeling shitty and forcing happiness. be sad, be you. let the people whom you cheer up cheer you up instead.

  3. Haha Ice
    I hate being cheered
    I feel like an asshole who does not know how to take care of himself
    Thanks anyways :D