Friday, February 19, 2010

*Raises Hand*....... What are humans?

This should be a very short post :) ................Should

I was returning back from B.P. today, {As always}
The 37 sector red light was as always chock-a-block
An approximate 10 min stop, on my right was the sidewalk
On the sidewalk sat 2 females and 5 children
This post is about one of those beggars,One of the kids that is.

There were 2 small girls ,a small male guy, a new born nigga.
And then there was the Hero of the post-
A small 3 year old ( guess) partially bald and fully mentally retarded boy ( SO it seemed)

This is what happened-

The small guy (not the hero the other one) was getting beaten by his mom (around 7 slaps as far as the math goes) Maybe because he did not wear his shirt properly or what ever
He was a cute boy and I observed he did not cry even after the slaps....Bravo my friend, You can teach the world a lot.
Those violent slaps actually caught my attention and as I was admiring his non-cribbing attitude
I observed a bald 3 year old very happy boy (The hero) wearing nothing but his tee ( no pants )
One could clearly see the lil' winnie he possessed (No pedophilia intended :P )
{ Now he should really hope it grows, otherwise he is going to have some depressing nights when he grows up Haha }
So, he goes on jumping and enjoying life and sits in the indian style potti position and gets up sits and stands again and keeps doing it filling air inside his mouth every time he sits,Maybe one of his ways of enjoyment ( or maybe he was just constipated and was trying a lil too hard hahaha)
Runs the length of the side path and then back again .

He was so KAYYUTTEE (Yes Sorry I used this)
It was quite a pleasant experience for me (Not the winnie part though :P)
All this mixed with Bob Dylan's On a night like this made it quite an amusing, Happy and joyful experience ( Even though it wasn't night time,Just the happy feel of the song kind of settled in )

Que-What do you want to teach Shourya Malhotra?
Ans- I am sure you'll find the answer yourself.

P.s- Katie Malua-Lucy in the sky with diamonds (Acoustic version)
Do listen (It's the new 50 times a day song)

P.p.s- You know it's about you and you know what I wanna say so let me not type it again.

Bye guys :)

There is a 100% probability that he won't ever read this in his life,
So I hope god somehow makes him realize that he deserved this piece of shitty blog post
I don't know why he deserves it though...he just does.


  1. Oh even I hope his li'l winnie grows. Afterall it is So So important, ain't it shourya?

    Anyways, one really Amusing post this was.