Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have crossed the anger,I have crossed the mess

Long Long
very long
sing a song
Long Long
WHatttt isss Upp guysss???

I just had to blog man,Had to.

We shall not believe in fate,We will not Kill to kill killing
We will not lose faith,Trust me,
We will just smile to kill hate.

I will not write about the things that have happened since I last blogged
there is too much to tell man
And You all know about it.

Norah Jones
I love you

And we are parting,

I am almost over making memories before I live another life.
I wish I could make it the most beautiful post ever,
Cause it is about the most beautiful thing ever,-My life, Everything that surrounds Me
people,things,creatures sab kuch
marne ke bad kahan dikhega ye sab?

Its amazing how we create shells consisting of everything we are living in

And how comfortable we get by it
and How nostalgic and weird we feel when we have to leave all that,
Its quite amazing
When you have to part away from your parents, Your friends and everything you took for granted,
And sala door hoke these are the only things you miss haha
Amazing shit.

sala kahan se leke aaye inhe be?
Kahan se laaye mummy ko?
There are some instances when you realize
ki sala ye log to extraordinary hai be
Its when you're down with high fever and you mom doesn't sleep in the night just so that you can sleep

Its amazing how she'd cry about you being ill
even when you know you're fine and still masturbate when she's not around

Amazing creatures
Bada mushkil hai sala maa banna
Mai toh kabhi try na karun

Baap bhi bade tod hote hai
Par this is about mums
Cause I love her
Very much
And even though I shall laugh at her crying because Of me parting away from her
I know I'll go to the washroom that instant and cry too.
I do
I don't know if you do.

I don't know
cause I've seen people
Some really weird people
Jo apne maa baap ko gali dete hai
Really not fond of them
Madarchodo The mere fact that You have the ability to think this is because That mom kept you in her stomach feeling Unwell for 9 months

Kya ho?
Ye baat samajhne ke liye
Intellect nahi chahiye
Bas you need to look in her eyes and see how much she loves you
With every blink
She wishes that her child just realizes that even if he/she kills someone
She would be there to cook her/him food.

I've seen some amazing times
Aur bhi dekhunga
what a party this part of my life has been
Kya maasstttt liifeee jee hai maine
Sab tha mere paas
probably the only reason I've managed to be such a happy soul

Probably the only reason why No asshole motherfucker will manage to disrupt my peace of mind.
Probably the only reason
I am sweet
And you love me

Probably the only reason

I love you guys
And Whats there to tell
I will miss you



  1. You seem to have great (a little queer) insight over relations. Respect for thy point of view.

  2. why are you always so random sheru.