Monday, April 19, 2010

And God sent it's son,God sent us love.

I am sorry guys
This is the second time Im blogging today,
I just had to.
I was in the mood

I will talk about it
Yes I will talk about the most mysterious creature on this earth
Found everywhere yet no cure,
I will talk about Love

It's all because I just found the appropriate song.

What is love??

I will give you some of my definitions of love.
Something I lack not.

Love is when you look at her photo,
you listen to songs like "Bawara mann"
And then you slowly move your thumb on her photo,
smiling slowly cause you realize you love her.

It's when you're in the worst mood possible
suddenly you wish she'd call you
and suddenly if she does
you smile your biggest smile
cause you assume that god wants you two to be together,

You look at her name in your phone book
and you create this amazing weird bond with it,
and whenever it flashes on your screen
you leave the floor and start thinking that you can live now.

When you go to the place near your house
where you always found peace
Looking at the world from above
all you think about is her,
all you wish is her to be there and look at the world from there with you.

You wish you sleep with your head on her lap
you wish to hold hands even though you used to call it gay when you saw that in movies

You start loving her so much, that you don't
think about having sex with her, which
worries you cause you start thinking that
maybe you have sisterly feelings for her.
but when she smiles
you realize that you can never have sisterly feelings for her

It's the reason that you can talk to her in the hottest weather
and not feel hot

Love is like a deep river
You ride in it and you know this for sure that the rivers end is the most beautiful thing in this world.

You meet god so many times and you don't realize it,
If there is god anywhere it is in our heart

If there is love somewhere
It's everywhere.

If there is fire somewhere
It is in love

It's only in love.

Streets we have never walked
hands we have never held
Life we could never rejoice
all hurts none when in love
all hurts none.


  1. You love is freaking me out. But im happy atleas you are at it. trust me. TELL HER. or never be heard.
    Good luck with it. :)

  2. Freak you out?
    that's not what I intended
    Yeah we'll see
    Thanks :)

  3. Love is when You are with that special someone in the hottest day of April and you don't mind walking over 20 kms in the sun...just because he's there!


    Love is Something!!