Friday, September 17, 2010

And along came an angel

Millions of years ago..
Genetic variations created Two very different groups of creatures
separated by minute and huge physical and physiological differences
One of them was


Every once and again
You see mothers crying to things you think are weird and you would never understand..

You would see women doing every work a man would do, but with 2 babies hung on her back
Feeding them, Giving her the care a mother needs to give to her child.

This post is about the women In my life--

Or to all those guys who have played a female part in any of my gay relationships

yeah I love all of you

Maybe the guys more
Nevermind... :P

I still can not imagine myself going through a week of torture every month because of nature's burden of reproduction.

I put my hands down for every girl
who faces every change in her with utmost bravery
We never really cared about this
Did we?
We never would after this
Cause Our day to day life issues are too overwhelming

Every girl
Called by any name
ridiculed by any swear or title
Once becomes a woman
And that woman Is stronger by heart than any other man could ever be..

They create issues
You feel a lot against them
But inside you know
if there is someone who has the potential to be with you
helping you everywhere
it is that girl.

It is extremely easy to overpower someone and make them feel inferior to you..
But it is very difficult to still love people who make you feel inferior to them.

But women
Oh you make it look so easy

What is the power that makes your mother lay beside you for hours and look after you when you're sick?

How do women still manage to take care and bring up kids even when they are brutally beaten up by their husband??

I,for one
have been a really lucky person...
I've had my share of women
I mean it in a platonic way
Maybe in a Non platonic way too

Even though you guys are really weird and small to be called women
But hey
I can do you guys some favors right?

Some Women In my life

Were and will always be for life...(You know who you are)

{This line might cause some fights
But hey
It's fun to see that happen :D}

Some fill those holes in my life which need to be filled by their interactions and company..
But I am sure they make other peoples lives very beautiful

Its really hard to not get horny when you look at a really pretty hot girl
But that does not dilute the other mysteries she locks in deep cages

i do not know what that last line means
But its nice to write such shit..

I think I have done my share of respectful flattering

No show me some tits (This is for Akshay)
No seriously
thank you for making every mans life so beautiful and colorful

And hey
The things we say while youre walking on the road and we take our heads out and shout
those are good things....
We say it cause we suddenly realize how much you strange beautiful girls mean to us
And uhh maybe we like your waxed legs
Let us leave that for some other time

And I shall not at all bring sex in my discussion here
Cause that would actually make this post epic

Yours faithfully
Shourya Malhotra

Creator of Various Smiles around the globe

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