Monday, January 25, 2010

Around the world in 24 songs.

Looks like I am growing besides myself :P
What's up my friends
God,I am kind of proud of myself this week,
Deactivated my face book account,
Studied a lot,Practiced vocals even more,
had good fun too,

So much nice happened this week,
Deepened feelings,lessened sorrows,grown self confidence,Ever growing list of "Why would I Like to live a happy life"
Desperate attempts to not do stuff did not go in vain (I am talking about face book ,It is so bloody addictive bc)
I'd wake up in the morning and pick up my cell to check the notifications and then it would just strike me that I am not there anymore,
I miss updating my statuses,Nothing more that desperately.
I intend to not use it till my boards.
This post fortunately/Unfortunately is not any lesson teaching you stuff about my favorite topic "Life"
It is just one of those days when you wanna write while you're listening to stuff.

I did learn a thing or too though,

1) We spend our life in finding who the lead actor/hero is in the real world,such stupid we humans are.We try and connect our lives to any touching movie.
Abhi kal hi mujhe lag raha tha Ki I am the aamir Khan In 3 idiots, haha amazing isn't it?

2) People end up making a life rather than enjoying the one they ALREADY have.
We Indians specially do it quite a lot.
beta,Kuch Banja nahi toh pachtayega.
Heard that before,Haven't you? :P

I am again in the mud pit of infatuations :|
This time It's stabler and a little more sought after thankfully.
This is such a boring post.

I am signing off,
So sorry
Please pray that something interesting happens to me so that I can update you guys
Like she asking me out hahaha
P.s- Its either friends,Lovers or nothing
Once said the great John Mayer.
And now says the not so great Shourya Malhotra
Jungle me jungle nahi hoga toh kya forest hoga?
*Hahahahahaha Dies laughing*


  1. When we dream about the person we want to be, we kill the one we are!


  2. Yes,
    very True.
    Still It's fun dreaming :)

  3. hahhaah I think the joke's legened! lmfao

  4. The forest one?
    I don't know
    I find it extremely funny :)

  5. wondrin who that girl is u keep mentionin in the end? :S this post wud have bin bettr had it bin a lil longer..anyway gr8 work! :D

  6. Oh would it ?
    I like keeping it short
    So that I don't get bored reading it myself :P
    Thanks :D