Friday, January 1, 2010

And there I saw the mighty star.

Water water everywhere,Not a drop to drink.
Did so good,won so much,Still,alone I sink.

3651/4 days back I got down on my knees and told you that you were the one,
Even though it wasn't right.Now I found Some one who can be worth The jewels of happiness I wanted to give you.
SO yeah,Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

This blog entry is not to mention the bitter sweet memories I had in 2009 or my resolutions For 2010.
It is just a hidden personality speaking, A Shourya Malhotra Some where Inside Who feels more than The "Hey such a funny guy" Shourya Malhotra.
My blog does not define the Shourya Malhotra Synchro Section XII-H who does not study,Misses exams,does not give a shit about "Synchroites"
It defines the Shourya not many see,If any.
It defines the guy who makes weird crying faces while singing alone in a room with open windows and closed doors.
I write this post today to Sense What time is?
How does it matter if it's 2009 or 5090 ?
Why was 2000 so special?
And I just concluded it isn't.
Man made dates to quantize time,Into small packets for his interest.
Anyhow,I need not go so deep and wonder why I wrote all this shit when I read my own post after a day.
Here is how it goes,

10 floor high Chatt, 11:55 P.M. 30th December 2009, Notepad,Winters, And bloody mother Fucking Alter Bridge.
How much could you feel right now?
I Think 2009 has been one the years on the happier side of my Oh-So-Epic life And It sure will hold it's position in future.
I could not enjoy my New Year's eve more.
I could not it if I had gone to Some party,If I had gone to catch a movie.
Maybe telling her That she is a very special thing to me might come close to beating my present ambiance.
But I am an asshole at that,So.
I am sorry people if I could not attend anything you wanted me to.
I am sure you'll understand.
Another Year,some more aspirations,many more regrets,many more Changes,many more friends,No more love.
I wish I could Take out my heart [Or any other organ Which has the love bug plugged onto it,It might end up being the liver,You never know;) ] And put it in a chair in front of me and slap it fucking hard just to let it/Him/Her know That he is not treating me well by doing all this.
Even though he makes me feel so good when I think about her.
Anyhow, I am a guy who will never tell her that He thinks he deserves her,but before leaving her forever, will tell her that "That" guy was a very lucky chap to have loved her with full rights.

My mom is back,God I am so happy.I love her no matter what.
Even if She calls me a "rock star". Because,
she cheers while I am performing songs she will never understand in her life on stages she won't ever like to see. Yes,This is what God mother is all about.

To sum it up,
I would like to Thank every person alive for making a "World"
I would like to thank every appreciator,Every lover,Every true Friend,Every hot chick(Girl)
Every funny guy,Every Tanmaya Bhatnagar On this Earth (I am so pissed about that 3 packets thing)
And Every Girl who makes me think about her 23/7 (The one hour is for my news paper reading, Mom's orders :P)
And Tathagat, This is brilliance,This thing that surrounds me.
I await The Motha Fucking 2010
Let's see how much bad you can do to me :D
Enjoy guys
Go have some sex :)
I will post this a day later to just see If"I" a guy on his desktop can feel What "I" the guy on the Chatt could.


  1. every tanmaya cool..↲I got my exams and m busy readin the blog..haha.. M gng ol sentimental now ..yes i am. :P↲Keep writing such amazin shit..dnt run out of these.. Cheers