Friday, January 15, 2010

I caught the cloud...Yet again

The lost race...

If you guys know what this is about, you know me.

If you guys know why I kept the title as The Lost Race that is.

I was Quite bored, Hence,I Googled “Love”

God damn it

Bloody 1,430,000,000 results

What makes your love so special?

Why do you think yours is unique?

Weird and funny actually.

Anyhow, what’s up?

How’s life and all that shit.

Life treating you good?

Mine’s fine (If you asked that is :P)

Exams on, so nothing important to update you on.

Except for the fact that I really thought I should tell you what The lost race actually means.

To just let you know that it is nothing depressing.

It in fact is a very thought after and an appropriate one.

Like my status says- “There shall be a time when you’d want to see your own ashes rest in peace. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

When I was young, around 13-14 years old, I used to cry under my bed sheet cause I used to be scared that I will die someday.

I still am afraid; it’s hard accepting the fact that you’ll end up dying without doing something you always wanted to do?

You’d actually die without experiencing love by a person you love.

Weird isn’t it?

So.....I remember I was just sitting on my bed and my mom was sitting right next to me.

I gained enough courage to be a coward and told her that I was gonna die.

She got stunned kehti kya hua ? (She must have thought ki mujhe cancer hai haha)

I just burst into tears and said “Sab toh mar hi jayenge na?

Mai bhi marr jaunga.”

She just smiled and told me that it’s how god wants us to be etc etc

That did help me in a way,But still in some corner of my heart I fear death.

We all end up losers….Each one of us ends up losing to something/Someone we think is our savior, our god.

I refuse to take part in the race that life is,

The way others think about it.

Since it is our destiny,We should rule it.

It isn’t our fault that generations before us made norms according to which we should work.

This world is anarchy. Despotic.

I’ve lost the race But I won’t quit, I’ve lost so much, Gained so much, Will lose so much, Will gain so much.

One single person/Incident/word will or should not affect things I’ll gain in the future.

It is about me and It should remain this way.

Yeah I guess I really am the lost rider and Haha Am so bloody proud of it.


It’s alright if you love me, I Love you too :)

Some really nice stuff I came across,

Thought I should share em with you.

We Climb the highest mountains to realize that the smallest things actually matter the most to us.- Me

There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it, and surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good. After all, life's too short to be anything but happy-Avantee’s friend

In the end I think Humans really don’t change anything-A conversation with Mr.Chatti


Bye guys

P.s. I am sorry If I preach too much, Sorry If I am too fairy Tail-ish

But that’s why I made this blog,right?

P.P.s- I don’t have enough balls to do what I want so I just write.


  1. i know... at some point of time, every blogger writes about the title of his blog!! been there.. done that!!

    @ the post
    felt a little mixed up in the middle, but it was fine! everybody has a different opinion about life, Shourya! its good, you have your own.. some people die in the dearth of it!

    P.S: you have nice blog, try marketing it.. you'll be one sought after blogger!

    P.P.S: i still read your blog as a "blogger"

  2. Yeah I agree with the 'Mixing up'
    Just a part of me :)
    Thanks :)
    And About the marketing,I really do not consider myself to be an avid blogger,Just someone Who wants to writes stuff.
    I shall consider it though. :)
    And Haha,It's fine You read it as a blogger.
    Life still goes on :)