Friday, January 8, 2010

On special request.

Hi guys what's up?
I thought you'd comment the most on my previous post,Cause I thought it would touch your heart.
Alas! I was wrong
Anyhow,This post Is on special request,Some nice things that dominate my views.
First being one of the stories my mom told me when she wanted me to realize how much She loves me
Here it goes
I've titled it
The only Woman who loves you

Once upon a time,A Man who lived with his mother fell in love with a whore (This is a change I made,My mom does not talk about whores with me,She thinks I should not have sex as it is a bad thing :|) Now this whore was actually a heart eating witch,And this guy due to his deep love leaves her mother alone and starts living with the whore/witch.
The man asks the whore/which to marry him as he was in deep love with her. (which I've told you before)
This whore was a witch too so she said to the guy "Get me your mom's heart,I wanna see how much you love me"
This stupid chap goes to her mother and kills her (mother fucker)
He takes out her heart and starts walking towards the witch's house.
On the way,He trips on a rock and the heart falls on the ground.
He clears off the dust from his pants and suddenly he hears a voice coming from the heart,
He goes closer and the heart quietly says"Bete, kahin Lagi toh nahi na?"
The guy just looks at his hands and kills himself with the same dagger with which he killed his mother.
The end.
Go suck a horse's dick