Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Hoax I live in. :D

Baby,Why can't we just rewind?
Oh shit I am here
What's up?
First of all,
Thank you everybody who liked/Loved my Work.
God I love it when people say
"Shit awesome work man
You have a brilliant blog"
Even though they convey that Via face book but I just need the support and trust me when I say this.
I am no writer I just write what I feel,
You guys feel too.You guys should convey it too,You guys should make somebody's day too .
You should make people love you too :D
Christmas,You know I have nothing to do this year,
But still it's the best Christmas I shall ever have...Ever
I have suddenly changed into this assoholically mature cool thing who loves himself .
I need no Santa now. No red bag full of happiness,I make my own bag,I have my own factory.
I am the master of my own happiness,My own decisions .
Being 18 is not about being drunk,Not Vodka,Not the driving licence (Or on second thoughts maybe a wee bit it is :P)
It is about the power to think,About the future,About what's wrong and right.
The power to make your own rights.
God it's amazing when you know you're out there ,Facing the sweet chin music.
Shiiittt I am not just able to find a good song to suit the situation.
It is so important to play good appropriate music when you're blogging.
If I don't have it,I don't write.
In life,It's really important to keep realizing. The best weapon according to me given by god
is analyzing,Analyzing and working on it.
Wrong deeds are inevitable,So The best we can do it learn and change the way we work.
My tuition sir,A very inspiring person in my life once said "Jab log har cheez ko samajhna seekh jaate hai tab wo genius aka paagal kehlate hai"
I couldn't agree more,This like many of his very wise thoughts has taught me how to lead life the way it should be led (No stereotypism intended)
I see so much pain which is so not necessary,people I love around me getting sad for reasons I tag weird NOW,Am I wrong When I say "Everybody wants to be happy"?
You might say "Ha! this coming from a guy who used to get sad at 5:30 in the evening till 12:00 in the morning every day fixed time cause of a chick"
You guys are right,I am sorry for that And Trust me If you ever manage to GROW you'll laugh your ass off on what you do now.
I sound so Daddy mummy lecture type,Shit
Sach mein,mai ordinary toh nahi?
I hate the fact that I might end up being ordinary,This is scarier for me than any other nightmare. :S
I think Christmas is the best way to change the stuff you do.
To realize that you were actually wrong (you know you were :P)
And for that you shall have to stop reading my random thoughts and start working your ass off. :)

"The end is near and I still haven't written my story
How do I collect my life and everything that's left for me to see?"
-Yours truly

Merry Christmas
Hoo Hoo Hoo
(I need a santa btw Was just trying to be melodramatic above :P)

P.s-I love Jingle Bells Jingle bells and all the Christmas related movies :)
P.P.S- I love you
Okay lame sorry
bye :D


  1. I have suddenly changed into this assoholically mature cool thing who loves himself

    - that is how you're becoming me :D see I always knew you loved me Sorya Baby teehehe

  2. :S
    This is not connected to you in any way.
    I just love myself :D
    And I might just start loving you if you stop writing "tehehe"

  3. awwwwwwwwwwwwww tu kya sexyy haiii I Love you mottuuu bearr.