Monday, February 1, 2010

Ray optics? (You will not get this [Both the title and the post] )

"When I left this place It was all green, I return and it's all green,
I start living it's all green and still the hay is what I worry about?"

I will Not Make sense today, I will not
Not to myself either.

A good day gone bad a bad day gone good and on and on,
Why the fuck Don't I feel good?
Kuch toh bura nahi hua? Nothing worth worrying about?
No one died, No one pissed in my mouth?
Why Am I not feeling good like any other day?
Why don't I have answers now?
Why Don't I have balls to do what I want today?
Why the fucking hell am I listening to songs which go like "Burn It down" And "Why don't you kill me?"
Why Have I done stuff the normal world does today?,
Why am I not talking to anybody?
Why is such weird shit happening around me?
Why does a small issue become so ever lasting and big Inside me?
Why don't I wanna hang out with anybody today?
Why am I acting so cold and non responsive with everybody ?
Why don't I care about consequences now?
Why do I go so rebellious at every thing that isn't what I want it to be?
Why am I not drinking to let go off everything and be too high to think?
Why Do I like to make my rules and not follow the already made shit?
Why does every good day have a bad day waiting in line?
Why do things fall in their places like they do?

I wanna fall asleep and Wish that I don't have another one of these days

Yeah Now I feel good,
Bad day wasn't it?
I'll get back with a good meaningful post later.

Life's good

Sorry no editing for this one,
If any mistakes,
Please ignore
I love/Like/something you
Yes you
You know it and You better tell me that you know it.

It makes my life quite easier that way.
And stop messing with my head.

P.S- The Only good thing Splittsvilla (TM)
Is their title track
Thank god
I need to poop


  1. "What goes around comes back around" (:

    take care

    PS: I love that theme song!

  2. Yeah its nice
    Thanks :)
    You take care too man.

  3. It's weird how this post din seem stupid.. ;P