Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Read my name, See through me. take me with you.

What all could I handle
How can I explore everything that'll come my way?
How will I always remember you all?

Just like radio head said in creep
"I wish I was special But i'm a creep"

I had my farewell yesterday,
If you guys expect That I'll write about how it was and shit,
I won't

I can not express the weird grief that haunts my senses when I realize that i'm officially titled to become old after this.

You know while I was roaming in my school and saw faces i'd seen so many times before
I realized
that I will NOT be able to look at them after this
So many guys
Not necessarily friends
Not necessarily acquaintances
But people
People who made the crowd through which I walked thinking "Ha!I am cooler than them"
I have shared stuff with people,
Cause I would talk to anybody as if They were my closest relatives and friends
So I realize that I just gave a lot of love for free
and now I miss it all

Its weird
I wont be able to see Lipakshi again
No Akshay dhanda
No ramik Rawal hahaha
People who know me and them
know that I am not such good friends with them
But I had moments with them
WHen I'd maybe take their case Or make fun of myself just to see them laugh
Haha I have been one son of a bitch motherfucking good guy
I love myself
I made everything around me happy
Even the guys who would open the doors for you when you enter a store
Sometimes when i'd be with my sister,
I'd tell that guy that her name is Raju haha and he would end up laughing,
I know this is quite stupid
But I know one of those million door openers would inside him think
"Haha!!Kya mast banda hai"
And there you have someone you don't even know praising you,
I know in this world of competition this does not even mean anything
But it does for me
I like being happy, I like to make the world happy.

My mom doesn't know I have a blog
If she sees this she'll think I am still chatting on face book and not studying for my law exams
But I love her
Because its only because of her that I have the words which I'm using to write this.

I loved the farewell,
It was fun,Real fun
Esp the dinner.
I'll miss you guyss
will miss each and every mother fucker who I saw in that school,
I will miss every moment I had,
Be it the one in which My parents were called cause of my low waist pants
Yes that did happen

In the end
If I may I'd love to teach you guys something

I know how you guys rate people but
Now what i am going to tell you has helped me till now and will surely do in future

Be funny,Smile,Make others happy,Be weird but be self respectful
Take cases,but in a way that they realize that your case taking is proportional to the love you have for them,tell them you RESPECT them,RESPECTING them is very VERY important.

And trust me
You will do anything and everything you want

Coming from me
you know you wanna try it

Bye guys

This section is for you
Hi chi chi
I know I have been a jerk,but I will not tell you that I adore you,
And will always do.
And I LOVE you.


  1. Ok.. now this one really made me recall all the things which I didn't want to. Anyway, chucking that.. You were a good guy, or I should say, you still are. I don't know. My judgment is strictly restricted to you being a fellow blogger. But then, each time I think like that and open your it.. I am bound to relate more just because I used to know you.

    And before I go completely out of context... the post was good. I have never understood why a farewell is so emotionally difficult for everyone but me.. Who knows...

    I liked your habit of calling everybody Raju or Birju (:
    ( told you.. didn't want to recall any of it )

    P.S: You're good at it. Take care.

    P.P.S: I hope that that girl knows what you feel for her. Good luck for your law exam!

  2. Haha,
    Shruti You can recall everything you want
    Things did get ugly between us
    But I still consider you a very important part of my life.
    Yes,I do.
    You were my only female friend in 10th.
    You have a special place still.
    And farewell's aren't emotional banks
    But since I made some friends there
    It wasn't pleasant.
    And I hope some one goes and tells her
    cause I have lost hope
    You take care too Birju.