Sunday, April 18, 2010

I will send you to heaven...Just the way you do baby...Kiran baybeh

Kiran Mann,
Who says synchro does not create good things??
It created me
It created You My lovely Kiran.
Haha,The first time we talked was on the net when Alankrita told me to talk to you and you sounded sso arrogant at first
hahaha,,And after 5 minutes
you were crying about Jayant.
Thats my magic man.
Haha,Seldom did we hang out in school and seldom did you look so hot in your uniform haha
You were my crush baby hahahaha,
You know what?
I think that our friendship was because of face book.
when you'd never comment something good about my pictures, and I would surprise you with the awesomeness I had in my humor,
I remember farewell and the photo we clicked,
I remember that you carried off your saree so bad,
I remember that we never hugged,cause we were just too weird and I would always make fun of the way you say hello.
I remember the South Asian Rock fest,
I remember that we would always keep our relationship statuses as married to each other,
I remember that you really don't know to carry your beauty,
I remember that you have the cutest pimples ever haha,
I remember that I would have fallen for you if you hadn't fallen for Jayant,
I remember that You really suck cause you're just too weird to be true.
I remember the way you say hello.
And Mann, I will always miss the way you said "Shooouuryaaa :D:D" On facebook chat
I will always miss the fact that you never cared if I said hi first
You would always say it first,
I will always appreciate the fact that I have never ever had a reason to hate you,not like you or even fight with you,
This is all because of you,
And now that you're going to Canada,
I just realize that you ended up being the best FRIEND I ever had,
You did what people who I am friends with from the past 3 years could not.
You never gave me a reason to complaint,
You are going to canada
But you marry me,
I will always love you mann,
I will always remember the Kiran mann who used proactive and ended up with more pimples
I will miss the way you say hello,Do not change it.
You look like a hawaldar,

For you,
<3 I know you love hearts hahahaha

P.s-She is not chi chi,but I love her more.

Oh and

And I will download MSN