Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm 60 and I still have that tiny black speck on my left thumb

It's not the urn that sets you free
It's not the wind that releases your sorrow
it's just the spirit with which you lived your life
and the time you spent being loved

It's not the grey matter that helped you realize
It's not the white either
It's just the nights you spent dreaming
and all that you could gather.

Enough of non sense non rhyming poetry

How do we do? (That question is for you )
{English is a funny language}

I miss people.
Kiran Mann- so much

I miss times

I don't want people to go away
Apna Hulk My mirror image (Just a little chinky though :P)

I would like to write a wee bit about the guy I love the most in this world
Yes guy ( Gay jokes are cliché so Try something else)
Surya Prakash Agarwal ( No it's only the name {and maybe the appearance} he is not from Bilaspur or any other village)
My Band's drummer,My Brother from another mother.
Meri jaan,Tujhe dil se pyaar karta hoon.
I hope you go to Australia so that I can check how loyal I am to my words of being the same way even after being far away.
Even though You have minimal chances of clearing IELTS :P {Considering you lost The "Name-Place-Animal-thing" game hahaha}
I need no expression,The petrol I've wasted on you is enough to tell you what you mean to me :D
And If any Aussie tries any of those racist moves on you just show them your left tit,They'll be happy sucking it hahahahahaha.

Yeah back to blogging.
It's been a nice week,Home alone for the past 3 days,
Unlimited petrol,bucks to spend,Boards nearing :|
I had my piece of fun and maybe some pieces of Organic chemistry too :)

Btw,Being random actually is not being random,
It is just a weird try to show the world that you are being random so that they think that you're randomly funny
Which frankly is not the case,

So stop writing "I love being random" or "I am random" or "Meet mr.Random"
Cause If you are random people get to know it automatically,
They have a brain unfortunately
Yup :)

On special request {Or shall we call it desperate begging}
I will write a paragraph on Ishita Pratap Singh

She is a girl. She likes eating her boogers,
She likes my blog, She kept her status on my blog and gave it's link too.
It helped,
I see new people commenting and I like that too.
She can play the guitar, She can play kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi's theme song too.
I think I am trying too hard to be a lil' funny.
No frankly, Thank you for your appreciation Ishita,
You do deserve this {Especially your booger secret}
I am sure you're proud of me.
And I am sure you will become the cutest lead guitarist in the world,
After me i.e.
And we have to do that Acoustic set
I've had it with people saying that I can't do normal songs.
I can cover I won't see you tonight assholes
I can cover alter bridge too,
I can do high vocals too,
I can cover leonard cohen's vocals too
Fuck off!! ( Not for you Ishita) {Maybe}

p.s- No P.p.s this time :P

I don't feel the love for the girl at the moment for some reason fortunately/unfortunately.
I think she should start liking someone so that I feel that piercing pain again and start loving her again :P



  1. oh that random thing!!

    this one reminded me of a similar post on my blog!

    take care!