Saturday, February 6, 2010

Save Our Tigers

I'll keep it quite simple and try and convey a message.

A: Yaar,Ye tiger population itni kam ho gayi hai, Kuch toh karna chahiye.
B:Arre koi nai,Aise hi bol rahe hai sab log.kuch kam nahi hue.
A:Nahi India mein ab sirf 1411 bacche hai and There could be as few as 3, 200 left in the wild.
B: Haan toh 3200 hai na mera dimaag mat kha ja kuch dhang ka kaam kar le.

(A goes inside and brings a gun)
A: (Shoots B's son)
(Looks at B,Smiles and says)
Koi nahi 6 billion hai na :)

Isse pehle situation aisi ho jaye
Samajh jao and sach mein kuch dhang ka kaam karlo

We don't have the right to do what We are doing.
It's better we realize this,
If it's not too late

Save Our Tigers

Do anything.