Saturday, February 13, 2010

No woman No cry Haha

Howdy amigos?
Everyday you think for a while and just realize that yesterday was a better day.
Never thought about day after tomorrow being the best day of your life? :P have you??
(Yes It is day after tomorrow) (It has a hidden meaning dodo)

We just think too much about what's right and wrong,
When in reality nothing is wrong and nothing is right.
I'd love to live the primitive life.

Anyhow, what else is up guys?

Boards are near having fun eh? :P

In the midst of my never ending will to do a 12th physics problem myself ( Hahaha )
I found some time to watch My Name Is khan
Frankly, I hate it when People say it's better than forest gump I mean fuck you aiite?
Shah Rukh Khan did not look autistic, The child who played Shah rukh junior (The guy from slumdog millionaire) was for me amazing at being autistic.

But I just spoke about the movie cause I realized a thing after watching it.

All the journey that was shown was only because Their son took befaltu pangas with the foreigners and When was the attack" racist"??? It was more of bullying.

SO My point is,
Why do we people have to be so non-elastic about the way the world is,
Sala har baat pe revolution kyun karna hai?
Pan masale me supari kam hai
Ohh nooo BC Hum dikha denge Andolan karo
And the andolan goes like
"Supari kam,Hume hai gum"
Stupid but yeah
What ever
All I wanna say is that when you have two roads infront of you
One says
"Hey chill life is too small to change it"
and the other says
"Hey,The New prime minister said that Delhi's CM is impotent, andolan karo "
What would you choose?

If the world goes by this theory I am sure we won't have any riots,no public nuisance.
But this is like thinking that the tooth fairy will come and have sex with me,something like that. :|

This post will just teach (or atleast try) you to chill in life man,
You love her she doesn't love you back?
Be happy that you can check her on Facebook and imagine being together or doing a thing or two :P.
You don't have the best face in the world?
It's okay You're parents should be guilty anyway. :P
I'd love to join politics and meet the Prime Minister of India in a nikker (Shorts) and a Chaps shirt and tell him/her
"mate,Check me out, I have better plans than you."
But I am just too lazy and I'd prefer listening to 'Three Little Birds'
Imma sign out guys,
Keep it cool
like rajnikant did in Shivaji
Haha Amazing flick

P.s- A-Oye hoye it's Valentines day.
B- Haan toh?
A-Haan wo bhi hai


P.P.s- Oh god you are so beauutttiiiifffuuullllll BC arrrrgghhhhh I'd love to scream it to you
Ki Bc tereko samajh nahi aata ki wo tu hi hai paagal sali befkoof @#$@#$@$#$@#$@ I love you samajhi kuch?
Par abhi boards hai na
baad me karunga kuch


  1. its not called a "revolution" all the time.. its not "fighting for your causes" all the time... its not "i want to bring a difference in the world" all the time...

    sometimes, it comes to you like any other thing... sometimes, it is equivalent to checking out a girl on Fb and imagining yourself to be with her..

    ps: i felt MNIK was too heavy and depressing to watch while preparing for boards! got a headache after watching it!

  2. Yeah well but don't you think people take it too far most of the times?
    I am sure if the world learns how to live cool there won't be a need for revolutions
    And for some reason MNIK did not make me feel very good about itself
    Anyhow thanks It's amazing how you can comment and read my useless posts with so much precision. :)

  3. This shit is ultr cool..↲Cheers ;) ↲Utk

  4. i like reading! i read every blog on my blog roll with the same precision! thats about it! (:
    and besides that, your blog is a nice break from the usual heavy professional writing i get to read here! (:


  5. dude, there is a difference between perhaps not making a fuss about everything and being tolerant of injustice. I mean yes the supari thing would be retarded. i would tell them to man up, but sometimes you can't just sit there and accept things the way they are. Think about it, without human beings bitching would we have made as much progress as we have?. No black and white only shades of grey nigga

  6. Yes Point taken.
    I was never against not tolerating injustice
    It's just the useless fuss and shitty topics over which the world specially Indian politics waste their time.
    I can see Ishita's Status doing me good
    And yes The supari topic would be quite retarded haha and fun too

  7. nah i read your shiz way before her status. although i hadnt checked it in a bit. GOT MY OWN BLOG TO BE RUNNING MAN. gotta feed the kids somehow :P aha

  8. Oh you did? Thats nice
    Ishita again turned out to be useless then.
    Yes,I have read your posts
    Haha,I love the way you made love to the Strokes Omelette
    DO you make Jessica Alba editions too?

  9. cheers maynn. No she does not compare to the awesomeness of the strokes. However one of these days ima have to make a jessica alba/megan fox scrambled egg's going to get messy :S

  10. Haha'
    Well Yup
    The strokes is quite a band
    And you are doing a very noble thing
    I will nominate you for the lifetime achievers award if you succeed.