Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When you know you don't know it, :)

This post is majorly in Hindi
So my international fans :p(Hahahahaha) Sorry.

Kya matlab hai sala iska?
Bc,Har baat mein lagwa deti hai.

Why god?
Kyun bnaya?

You made us only for the generation to go on.
bas reproduction ke liye hi rakhna tha na?

Jisse pyaar karo wo emotions nahi samajhta,
Jo emotions dikhaate nahi unke sab emotions samajh jaate hai

Bahut gussa aata hai,

When you know it won't happen and you still keep trying.

when you look at the moon at midnight with good optimistic music plugged in and still nothing magical happens.

When you see a long road lid perfectly by the moon and you realize the next day that it is just another highway leading to yet another city having yet another collections of stories like mine.

When you give it all to show your EMOTIONS and you end up conveying the wrong ones.

When you cry when you watch a movie and you think it truly is your story and the next day you bump into billion more people having the same views :|
When you listen to 'Hallelujah' More than a 100 times a day and then you realize that you have no one who's beauty in the moonlight can over throw you.And even if you do
She'll just expect you to look into her eyes and feel the love she has for the OTHER guy.
kya bc? Hum bhi toh thik hai na?

Chalo koi nai
Ye sala Emotions ne hi mujhe ye post likhne ko bola

Kyun yaar?
Samajh nahi aata

I had great fun at the citation ceremony
I wish I was wise and connected enough to cry
Cause I really could.
Thank you guys
All of you.
Haha,I didn't have the feelings to cry during what should have been the most emotional moment of my life. And I say I've lived fully.
What has this world done to me?

P.P.S- How do you ease this fucking heavy feeling inside man?
Ye kya hota hai?
Koi acid produce hota hai?
Ye sale hormones itni ajeeb tarah kyun act karte hai?

Samajh hi nahi aata hai na?
Sahi hai chalo
Bye and yeah what ever.


  1. *likes*

    i don't why but something about this post left me grinning at the end!

    PS: that is so not expected of me :D :D

  2. @ Shruti-
    Grin eh?
    Haha Thanks :)

    @ Avantee-
    Kya be?