Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boo you

I recently went through my status messages.
The most used word was "LIfe"
I think I know a lot about life then.Or at least I think I do :P
Sorry,for an abruptly late update.
I have not been busy.
Just thought too much about what to write.
Haha,And this led to boredom due to over-thinking.
Hope,you get what I mean :)
Anyhow,I am back
And I am so unhappy,Guys fucking subscribe man. At least comment :P
Okay,My exams are near.I feel like studying now. (For real :) ).
I guess I'm falling for some one.I really don't wanna do that.Have had enough of the awkward stuff.
I shall try my level best not to listen to lovey dovey shit and imagine myself holding hands.Haha
(Yes I do that :P)
I have good people around me.I really do
I have My Lovely deary Tanmaya Bhatnagar.
Guys,If you think My hair looks fine. And if the goatee suits me.
You should give a peck on her cheek. :)
I love you my "Best thing to happen to me"
I love my mom.
I think she is the sweetest thing ever.
And I am the biggest loser to not say this to her everyday.
But I really mean it if I say it once in a blue moon.

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