Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wafers of the broken fall and make us happy :)

Okay,This is how it goes...
A balcony,Cool wind(I love winters,I could sit all night long watching the sky),Speculative meteor shower, A happy soul and Andy Mckee-Rylynn (God I love this song,Infact,All his melodies are amazing.If there is one person who can make me look towards the brighter side of even death,It is he)
My heart is just illuminated by the ambiance.
And 5 minutes before,I was cursing life as I curse my maid.
Boy boy,Has this week been something.
But first,I have to thank the lovely people around me(Haven't I done this before?)
But I really have to.
All Of you Thank you so much.(Sorry I can not write names The list is way too long,But if you're reading,Be sure you are a part, cause All of you have made me smile some day or the other.
The past week, The raghu Dixit project,Faridkot,Metro,Driving fast,South Asian Rock festival,Purana Quila,11 p.m.,Vishal And shekhar :P (Yes it if for you Pragati)
Some important decisions this week-
1)I have decided to let go off my feelings for her,I tried conveying But was horrible at it and I kind of feel that I might end up getting away from her Which I surely fucking bloody fucking do not want
I like her too much to do that (I really do not mind if you take a step but :P )
Uncertainty prevails actually :(
2)I shall bloody study for my Law entrance from the start of January with all my balls cause I know I only have one attempt and How can I let people down? They love me too much, Let us try and retain it.:)
3)I shall stop converting my Brain Into a Pandora Box by getting depressed and angry cause Frankly i hate being consoled and counselled,I feel i am too smart for it :)
4)I shall stop suggesting people the music i love, I hate it AND i bloody hate when they just say it's nice :)
For god's sake,I have emotions attached man.
I hate it when people don't show their real feelings and try and be rude because they think he might end up khaoing bhaw.(Yes this coming from a guy who does not call her even when he fucking desperately wants to because of the same reason )
Anyways,Had real fun with Avantee and Pragati at the Purana Quila And also With Kiran at the Purana Quila Again :P
I need to teach some thing to Tanmaya Btw,
Love,You know What I have gone through When I was after you know who and spent most of my time trying to get her even though I knew I never had a chance.
I regret it now,I could have done so much during that time
Studied,Spent time with you,Love some one who truly deserved it,Learned the guitar (I so wanna do it now)
I am seeing you do it now,Do not,Do not,Do not ,Do not
This life is beautiful,Don't make it horrible for yourself
Sorry If I ever acted rude I love you. :)
I have my physics exam tomorrow
Wish I could Sit here all night watch the stars and a possible meteor.
And Yeah,My blog might end up conveying that I have turned into a Romeo but that is not the case,I lost all hope when I was 4 and a girl refused to play with me cause I had a booger in my nose :)
I am just a nice guy who likes a girl because he likes the way she is.
God I am loving the way my feet are getting all icey even with the socks on.
(That was sooo bloooddddyyy gayyyy...Sheesshhhh)
Well farewell my friends,
Life is, as always,Worth Paying for :D
No meteor :|
P.P.S- I do not know what to ask for even if I see one :\


  1. You know I love you, And you are the best blogger i've ever seen, ( Next to me though ) :D haha.

    <3 Jai mata di lets rock.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha
    God Damn it
    The last line
    Love you my Hanuman

  3. You have changed.. and after a very long time.. changed for good perhaps!

    Good luck with the girl!

  4. Thanks a lot Shruti
    I hope I can get you back :D

  5. Not really. I read your blog as a blogger, not as once-upon-a-time-friend. That is about it!

  6. Haha!
    Great, Now I can make a very good blogger my very good blogger friend.