Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boo you again :|

I had a dream.Extremely weird but extremely sensitive. It might as well be the cause of an epiphany(If I have one that is).
Can't share it though.
Well,All this study pressure has made me something I ain't.
You know what I feel when I do something?
Yesterday I was just talking to someone about her problems.
Day before yesterday,I made a very sad person happy.
And today.I said to myself,
Asshole,Why are you spending time doing random things when you should be studying.
I think I should quit using the loo too. :P
I can not live with this feeling around me. It is frustrating.
All these things make me wanna be a non-Indian :|
I think the guys in America do not face all this.
And I think They should be happy leading lives.
I have diversified my music list.Just realized that there is more to music than just head banging :)
I have a good life.Period.

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