Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is that a w chord?

I do not need reasons to believe that I'm special,
I do not need reasons to stay happy.
I might just need reasons to express my happiness
But for me expressions mean nothing.

Hi ya pals,
I was going through my blog,I have not even told you guys about me
I mean the first step is the identification,isn't it?

Today I shall write about the most important thing in my life.
Sound or rather we shall call it music.
"The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre."
People are so right when they say that everything can't be explained on the basis of Science.
Can the above definition explain the tears that pour out of people's eyes when they listen to something?
Can it explain the feel,The love,The weirdness that comes with a single note of an acoustic guitar,A piano,A flute,A vessel ?
I really don't think.
If I could And If i had the resources I would spend my life buying external hard drives and storing sounds from playgrounds,from oceans,from currency and all the things sonorous.
I have no knowledge of notes,I don't even know what an interlude means,But What is it that makes me high
What do my ears absorb that makes me go all
"Hey I want to fucking live,
And I want to fucking live for this sound."
What the bloody hell is it?
I am a band vocalist,a proud one,a hardcore one,a good one too :D
And Seeing people around me I know that music has no limits
I see people criticizing some one or the other everywhere,
Himesh bhai :D
Black metal
Who the hell are they?
If 'god' (Or nature to be more appropriate) has allowed something to be made
Some thing as brutal as Devourment
Something as peaceful as Andy Mckee
Some thing as meaningful as Bob Dylan
Something as Lovable as Goo Goo Dolls
Who are we?
Every lyric ,Every note is nature's gift.
discovering music is like an exploration,An Adventure,A way of life.
I see people around me doing things,Great things.
Some times I feel bad for myself
Why am I not a prodigy,Why am I not as special as August or as special as Mozart,As talented as Steve Vai,As techincal as Joe Satriani?
But I guess they have what they call a well wisher and we all know who he is ;)
I need no money if i can hear,I need no plane if i can travel worlds with my mind,
I need no passport if I can download (Haha Lame But I am sure you'll find a meaning in this too )
Music amplifies feelings,Love hatred,revenge,OBSESSION And is way better than vodka in taste too. :P
It makes us reach the everest top with out the hard work .
It makes us feel Pluto's cold winds without the distance.
It gets us high on Ecstasy without the cocaine.

And therefore,
I am on an expedition now
A search for versatility,For genuine mind dwellers,For true knowledge
And trust me I shall do it without the books,
Without finding the meaning of" interlude" haha
Let us try and do what The legends did.
Who knows, We might end up becoming Led zeppelin for someone in the future.
Or The doors for others :P
Cheers to all those who have ears
Cause somewhere or the other
I know you Feel the "Arrangement of sounds" Deep inside
(I am not talking about the nuts :D)
Life is beautiful
And so am I
P.s- Ahh Nothing bye :|


  1. You're beautiful.

    and the last lines have me written all over it :P haha