Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Now behold the lamb,The precious lamb of god.

I really do not believe in god.I feel it's lame thinking that someone,somewhere Shall come and save us from all evil.
What if the evil is in you yourself?
I feel good today.Real good.
This post is for some one who even I do not know properly.
It is about the" good human".The human who sigh's at irritation but still helps as she knows she is just too sweet to not do it.
I still believe that every person has a good heart.
She cries out of agony and frustration,Out of the brutal games she suffers,and then she realizes that she had been helping in the agony being faced by others
That is when the halo appears and she becomes pure,becomes HUMAN
I have this girl in my class.
Nimra Chaudhary.
Guys i really do not know her that well.
Simple,yet admirable.
Cute si,Gol si Haha
I am the same me,Teasing girls I don't even know,Making silly jokes to gain popularity.
The 3rd day of my new school,I saw her eating kababs (She calls em kawabs)
Being the asshole I am
I asked her to share,She did it with a smile.
Oh my god
What taste,Brilliance,Ecstasy.
She could see it all on my face.And remaining the asshole I am
I asked her to get em for me frequently .The sweet thing got twice the amount the next day.
(This will end up with a meaning so it's good if you read it )
Ecstasy again.
A year hence, And I am the same me. The same asshole Who has mentioned this like the 3rd time now ?
I had my exam today,English.
As usual I did not do anything in literature as I did not feel like.
Nimra Sits on my right during the exam (According to the roll number system)
I did all the other sections and wrote
"Section-D (Literature)"
And kept looking at Nimra Thinking thatshe might end up telling me an Answer or two.
God Did I trouble her with my pencil poking and squeaky whispers :)
The poor chap
Asked soo bloody sweetly
Mai please ek question kar loon Fir pakka bata dunga
I was like
I left the whole thing,Did not write anything after that.
She looked at me and asked me ki kuch karna nahi?.
I just nodded ki nahi karna bas with a smile.
then she did the sweetest thing possible.
She Told me ye wala karlo ye chotta hai,ye wala karlo dekhlo, ye lo karlo
I just smiled and left the room after submitting my paper.
I really do not know if I get through to you with the feelings i want to express.
But I know what I felt like.
Real sweetness is the virtue of the GOOD.
A quality which is rare,but Everyone's born with it.
A quality Nimra retained.
A quality i admire.

A tribute to all those tagged "Chutiyas" by the coolio's
I just want to tell you.

You make me feel good.
Life's good.

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