Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is it just me or you guys really love me?

This is soo bloody vella. I have my Maths exam tomorrow and I am blogging.
My head,It's like having 3 2kg dumb-bell's inside my brain.
Why is this happening.Is it because I haven't washed my hair since 2 days?
I really do not know.
Why the hell Am I boring you guys with stuff you don't even care about?
I shall start.
yesterday was a bad day.
"Is it good to realize that Salvation is your best boddy,so early in life? :S"
Said my status (You can always get to know about me if you interpret my statuses,I usually write my life there)
Yet again I was told that I have to donate my 'Life' in order to have a good "life"
I have to study like crazy yet again.
But I guess I have to.
God,I discovered that the maturity in the youth of today has gone to the bitches.
I feel bad sometimes,and a little wrong too.
Sometimes I think is it me who's trying way too much to become mature while everybody else is normal.
It kind of freaks me out. Being different is scary.
And yes,I think I have learned one thing.
The human mind is the best criticizer but the worst practitioner.(Avantee I guess I found the word :P) (Thanks Tathagat Chatterjee :) )
Tomorrow is maths
I Think I need to study or maybe take a bath
I still feel the dumb-bells in my head.
I think it maybe because I did not go anywhere today.
as a matter of fact for the last 3-4 days.
Mum's sent me some really nice stuff from UK
Thank you mom love
And guys,
Amma Bounce (This sounds kinda South Indian-ish :S )
Life's good period.

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