Saturday, December 5, 2009

Look! It's an aeroplane :)

Hello my friends,
Or my imaginary friends (cause I am sure you guys do NOT check my blog )
I loved today.
Had loads Of fun.Wore the Lonsdale Hoodie,the same ripped jeans and my New shoes(do listen to new shoes by paulo nutini )
People loved em :)
And they are NOT PT shoes :)
I met Tanmaya
I am so damn sure she has not seen a weirder,madder guy than me .
And She looked very pretty.Really did.
Well done :P
I loved the time we spent together aaj.
Haha,You don't like him right :@
Stay away from the ajeeb thing man.She's in 7th and has tits.
How weird is that :S
Anyhow I love you.
Sorry could not click,And I shall give your stilettos back to you.
Then I had my coaching.
Same class,General Knowledge.
I hate it. :)
But have to do it right?
Hung around with Avantee.This has become a regular affair and I like it very much.
I'll miss it all when I become an established lawyer and you waste your time painting or maybe dancing haha (You know I lowe you so, Chill.)
Have my chemistry exam day after man,God Science is tough.
Sorry for the very random post.
I don't have access to my face book so that's why I thought why not blog and fulfill my crave to type :P
Life is very good.
P.S. I am on a diet now. :)'
P.P.S-Once a widow looks up towards the sky and says "Have I really LOST him?"
God replies "No,I have just given you a chance to love him more"

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